CHOICE Homeschool Group

Care Team Ministry

Had a baby? A hospitalization? A death in the immediate family? Or do you know someone in our group that is experiencing one of these? We would like to help! As a support group, it is important to us that our families feel support in these areas as well as their homeschooling journey. We would like to know so we can pray for you and mail a card to your family, whether it is a congrats, get well, or a sympathy one. You may also submit a request on behalf of another family in our group. If we can help with a grocery store gift card, a meal, or anything else, please let us know. Our families have big hearts and want to help any way they can.

Want to participate but need a little help? The Care Team also accepts requests to pay for a family's costs related to a field trip, group activitiy, or event that the family cannot afford to pay. We want everyone to be able to enjoy all the benefits of being a part of our group. We have families who are willing to help out so please let us know if you would like to participate but need a little assistance. Also, if you would like to be put on our list to help people pay for certain things, please let us know so we know who to contact when a need arises. You can also make a donation on the CHOICE home page under "Click here to make a SPECIAL DONATION."

Please send us an email at or contact someone in the group to let us know how we can help or to make a request on behalf of another family.