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Tier 2 Membership

*There is a $25.00 New Member Fee your first year only

Social Membership costs $40.00 per school year.

This membership is for those families who want to participate in all the social activites that CHOICE offers. Because CHOICE is a support group, each family is expected to participate and help as needed. We are all volunteers and it takes all of us to make things happen. There will be a phone interview as a part of the application process for Tier 2 Membership. As a member you will have access to the following:

  • Care Team
    • Our Care Team provides help during times of crisis for our families.
  • Daddy Daughter Dance
    • This is our most popular event of the year. CHOICE moms host a dinner and dance for our dads and daughters. This is a very special night.
  • Field Day
    • Our students enjoy a Field Day at the end of the school year, usually in April, where they play team games and just have fun.
  • Field Trips
    • Members of CHOICE plan a few different field trips each year to somewhere local that seems interesting to the students.
  • High School Graduation
    • High School Graduation is always in May. We have a nice ceremony every year with a special  guest speaker.
  • HSLDA Discount
    • If you would like to join HSLDA, you will get a discount if you use CHOICE's discount number.
  • Kindergarten Graduation
    • Kindergarten Graduation is different every year because we have a different number of kindergarteners every year. We have a cute little ceremony and a small reception after.
  • Mom's Night Out
    • Our moms like to spend time together. Sometimes it is educational, but most of the time, we just have fun.
  • Mother Son Event
    • Each year we do something different. In the past, we have attended a Cavaliers football game, gone bowling, and went to get milkshakes.
  • Prom
    • CHOICE has a prom each year that we have enough high school students interested in attending.
  • Robotics Team
    • CHOICE can help you start or join a robotics team if one is available.
  • Yearbook
    • CHOICE offers a yearbook to help remember your school year. Students in high school can earn elective credits for working on the yearbook.
  • Other Events
    • Each year is different so we have different things we do every year. We rely on our parents to plan things to do.