CHOICE Homeschool Group



The CHOICE Prom is for students in grades 9-12. It is held in either April or May. Please attend the CHOICE Planning Meeting if you would like to help make choices about the Prom date. Here are some ideas for planning one of these events:

1. Location:

  • This is one of the only events we cannot have at Whitefield since they do not allow dancing.

  • The fellowship hall at Holy Trinity is a nice location to have a dance floor and room for tables and chairs. They have a stage and a sound system if we want to use it. They have a kitchen where we can prepare dinner for the students or just prep take-out and dessert.

  • Other locations would be nice as long as they allow dancing, have room for a dance floor, room for tables and chairs for eating, a kitchen/prep area for food, and a nice location to take individual and group photos.

  • If you choose to have the Prom at an outside venue, just take into consideration the temperature and the surroundings. 

2. Cost:

  • The cost per attendee is usually between $20-$30 depending on how much everything costs us to buy.

  • Unless we get things donated, we have to pay for the DJ (~$100), location ($50 church, up to $500 other), food, and decorations.

  • Please try to include a gift to the location from each attendee if it is a church. If it is a venue where we must pay a certain price, divide that amount by how many students we think we will have at the Prom. It's always better to have more than enough and let it roll over into the next year than to not have enough and have to take it from Fundraiser money.

3. Date:

  • April - We usually set aside April to have the Prom. The weather is nice so if the venue is outside, we know the attendees won't get cold.

  • May - May is also an option. Just check with High School Graduation and Kindergarten Graduation so that the dates are not the same.

4. Time:

  • Three to Four Hours - The Prom is usually from 6:00-10:00pm, but the Committee can decide the exact time for each year.

5. Activities:

  • Dinner - For the food, moms decide what to make and bring or we go buy it and set it up. Some locations have a kitchen and some do not which helps us decide what we will do about the food.

  • Dancing - Our kids really enjoy dancing to songs like the Cupid Shuffle, the Macarena, the Cha Cha Slide, and more. We generally like to hire a DJ to come play songs that we think the students will enjoy and are clean and fun.

  • Games - Students like playing games such as musical chairs, a conga line, limbo, and more.

6. People:

  • Each attending CHOICE student may bring one guest who is also in high school. The CHOICE member will be responsible for letting their guest know the guidelines that we have in the CHOICE Handbook. All guests are to be respectful of how we ask our members to act while they are attending CHOICE events.

  • Prom Committee Lead - This person finds a committee and organizes everyone's ideas.

  • Parents - We need moms and dads on the committee to decide all the details for Prom. We like to limit the number of adults hanging around at the Prom. This time is to be about the students so we encourage parents to help but not participate. 

  • DJ - This person can be anybody with a Bluetooth speaker, a microphone, and a good playlist. We like to use family members and friends that we know we can trust will play good, fun, clean music. We can pay this person for helping us, but the cost is less than hiring someone who does this professionally. It also is nice if the DJ interacts with the students like leading a conga line, leading the games, and encourage everyone to participate.

  • We always need help with set up and clean up, decorating, serving food, and chaperoning.


**Click here to see a list of the supplies CHOICE has for you to use if you want**