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Archery Team

**CHOICE currently does not have an archery team. This page is for informational purposes only. If you are interested in starting an archery team, please contact someone with CHOICE or email**

Here is an article that has come out recently about homeschoolers and NASP. We will check to see if there are any updates before we start a team. New Archery Rules: Harder for Homeschoolers to Compete


Clicking on this link: National Archery in the Schools Program will take you to the website for the archery organization that the team will be pariticipating with. Here is some general information about the season.


NASP curriculum is designed for students in 4th-12th grades to be used in a Physical Education program.


Start of the Season: August of the upcoming school year

Competiton Dates: There are several competitions available from November to March

Students: 12-24 archers with at least 4 of the opposite gender (not sure if this is the same for home schoolers)

Instructor: Needs to be trained with NASP Basic Archery Instructor trainings

Cost: The kit has already been purchased, so the cost will help pay for the competitions. It will have to be set by the instructor.

Credit: This class can count as your PE class for the school year, as long as you have enough hours. This could also just supplement the PE class you are already taking.

Components: The Archery Curriculum is taught as a part of the school curriculum. Teachers must be trained as Basic Archery Instructors or Basic Archery Instructor Trainers. Students learn focus, self-control, discipline, patience, and life lessons.



CHOICE has had one team in the past. If you are interested in starting another team, let us know!

Photos coming soon!