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We are excited that you have selected ARCHE as your homeschool co-op!  Please take a moment to complete the steps below to finalize your membership application.  Applications are reviewed weekly.

Before continuing with your application, you must read the ARCHE Policies and Procedures and Illness Policy (listed below).  You will be asked to express your agreement with these.

The annual fee for membership (valid July through June) is $90 ($75 if after December), which provides you access to this website and family participation in all ARCHE activities.  Payment can be made at anytime during the registration process, or once approved, by clicking the amount due at the top of the page after login.  This fee does not cover workshops or other field trips/events your children may attend.

Please note that ARCHE has several methods of communication.  The website is our primary source and is full of excellent information regarding all aspects of ARCHE. Members will receive official communication via email. If you are a Facebook user, we offer a private page for our members. Access to the private page can be granted once membership is approved.

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Additional Questions

Unless you are a group coordinator (i.e. TNO, Yearbook, Field Trip), members must also select an event to help/assist with during the current membership year.  Positions for each event can include, but are not limited to, set-up, planning, execution, clean-up, etc.  Be advised that there is a maximum number of sign-up's available for the various choices and they will be filled in the order that they are received. Please choose from Back to School Volunteer, Christmas Party Volunteer, and Valentine's Party Volunteer from the above list titled "Sections."  You may choose all 3, but please choose at least 2.