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Reasons you may not be receiving emails

In 100% of the cases I have dealt with in missing email; we always found that the family did not add [email protected] to their web mail contacts.  Even if they check email through Outlook or Outlook Express on their computer, they still need to add lifeline to their contacts via their web email.
For an sbcglobal user, they need to check their email via the web at

1. Check Family Profile – Email Preferences. (for the administrator of the website to do)
Login as the admin, select manage membership, select update next to the family's name, scroll down to the email notification section and verify that the appropriate boxes are checked.  Is the weekly email update turned off?  Are the forum and classified email turned off? 

2. Add [email protected] to your email contacts. (for everyone to do!)
The key is to add [email protected] to your email contacts.  Even if you don't check your email via the web, you need to add [email protected] to your web mail contacts.  If you use Outlook or Outlook Express to check email, you still need to add the lifeline address to your web email contacts.  This will be a learning process for your families. 

3. Do not mark email from your homeschool group as spam. (for everyone to not do!)
The key is to "not" mark the email received from your homeschool group as spam.  We have had many instances of families marking the email from a forum post as spam and then they wonder why they don't get future forum posts.

4. Check your junk / spam folder for missing email. (for everyone to do!) 
The key to missing email is to check your junk / spam folder.  Even if you don't check your email via the web, you need to check your junk / spam folder in your web mail.

5. Call your email provider. (for everyone to do!) 
If all else fails and you still cannot find emails from your group, the family should call their email provider and ask them if they are blocking email from [email protected].

6. is here to help. (for the administrator of the website to do!)
We are here to help if any family has issues receiving email from your homeschool group.  Please forward the families name and email address to [email protected] for us to review.
-Your Team

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