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June 3 - Friday
08:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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July 1 - Friday
08:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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August 5 - Friday
08:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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September 2 - Friday
08:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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October 7 - Friday
08:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Welcome to the Secure Side of the Sample Homeschool Group Web Site!

In talking with group leaders over the years, here is a summary of the features that they like the best.  We have been told over and over again how our service saves the leadership time, keeps good leaders in place so they want to continue their jobs, and prevents them from getting burned out:

  •  By Homeschoolers.  For Homeschoolers.  Every tool, every nook and cranny of our service is by homeschoolers and for homeschoolers.  This service is dedicated to homeschool group leaders and their families.
  • Service.  When you call or email, you will talk to homeschool Dads and Moms that have been in leadership and know what it takes to assist.
  • Secure / Safe Haven.  Your families membership and site are protected.  We encrypt our sites and passwords for your protection.  We don't sell your membership data or think of your families as marketing data, nor do we bombard them with advertisements.  Their web site is a safe haven!
  • Automation.  From accounting features to incorporating online payments to signing up for events to automating the forum by emailing direct, we have your best interests in mind.  Most groups tell us that they save time and stress by using our service.
  • Class Registrations.  Setup classes online and let your families choose from a list of available classes.  Classes open, close, and cancel automatically -- complete with waiting lists and credit card integration that marks families as paid right online.   Co-ops take note!
  • Online Calendar Event Signups.  It takes about a minute to setup an event on the calendar, and it takes another minute to flag the event as a signup.  This event is automatically placed on the calendar, on your home page and is listed in a special way as a signup.  Assign someone to manage the signup, automate the emails, collect payments via Paypal if needed, get a list of who is signed up, set waiting lists, automate reminders, and set a maximum attendance.Group leaders think this one is the best!
  • Forum.  We let a couple group leaders that had used the Yahoo forum for years mold and fashion our forum.  You can setup moderated forums, add categories to forums, create secure forums that assign just a particular group of families to that specific forum, organize your forums with categories, and allows each family to choose how they want to be notified: a lot, a lot but summarized, daily digest or weekly.  ** NEW ** Email direct to Forums is coming soon!
  • Weekly Updates.  Each week we send an automated newsletter to each family to tell them what has changed on your web site in the last week.  It keeps each family in touch with what is going on in the group.
  • Registrations.  Set up your family registrations online! You can go totally electronic with online agreement to your Statement of Faith and paying fees via Paypal, or mix and match electronic registrations with paper forms to download.  Very flexible!  The registration process is fully automated and automatically feeds into the membership directory that is online.
  • Surveys and Polls.  Set up a survey and collect responses online.
  • Membership Management.  Each family that registers with the site can only be included in the site if someone in leadership approves them.  You have complete control over the registration and membership process.  When you approve a family, you begin to build the family online directory that is searchable, printable, updateable.  Each family sets up their own login and password and are responsible for updating their own family contact information.
  • Email Tool.  The site is automated with emails for weekly updates, forum notifications,  and sign up reminders. You can email all or any family through the email tool.  Assign categories (such as "Teen") and email a group of families within that category.  Schedule your emails to go out immediately or at a later date.


If you would like start a FREE 60 day trial period or would like some of your specific questions answered, please let us know.  The cost for our service is $7.50 per family, per year for active families using the service. 

Let us know how we can serve and be a blessing to you and to your families!

Larry Van Den Berg, Founder

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