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Statement of Compliance

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Statement of Compliance
to the Willow Creek Home Educators
Mission Statement

All WCHE Teachers and Event Coordinators must agree to embrace and abide by the WCHE Mission Statement provided below. Teachers and Event Coordinators have a greater influence on the children that attend WCHE co-op and functions because they obtain and disseminate information directly to our students. Therefore, as the diversity and size of our group increases, the importance of presenting information with a Christian perspective, selecting appropriate venues for events, and serving as role models for our students also increases. As our high school students continue with the last phase of their home education journey, we also require that all High School textbooks not only teach from a Christian perspective, but also be approved by WCHE Leadership.


WCHE is a ministry of Willow Creek Church, PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) operating as a home school support group that shall be Christ centered, doing all things in a manner which respects Biblical principles, bringing glory and honor to God. As a home school support group, WCHE extends its hand in love and support in order to provide a Christ centered, co-operative, educational environment for families who have chosen to educate their children at home. WCHE is open to home schooling families, both Christian as well as people of other faiths. We understand that all members may not share the church's convictions, but ask all members to respect Willow Creek Church's beliefs during all WCHE functions. However, to keep with the integrity of Willow Creek Church, the Directors of WCHE reserve the right to refuse any applicant and/or decline some members from serving in leadership positions
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