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General member registration for the Fall semester of the 2024 school year is currently open through June 1st, 2024.  Please know that you must be a WCHE member to register for co-op classes and all other co-op related activies (including English Country Dances.) 
Please note:
  • All information requested below is kept private. 
  • Please specify the phone number by typing "home", "cell", "husband-wk", etc., after each number provided.
  • Please share with us your special interests, gifts, or talents that you may be willing to share as an assistant or teacher with our students - or that we may be able to tap into when trying to put together activities for WCHE  (eg: "I was an Accountant before kids"; "I love to knit"; "I do wood working & would enjoy sharing that with kids"; "I was a middle school biology teacher"; "I have a passion for reading the classics & would love to lead a discussion"; "I am a HAM Radio operator."  
  • If you are only interested in participating in our home education group for field trips, special events, and other activities, please indicate your preference in the note section at the bottom of this form.
Thank you! 
WCHE Leadership Team

We, the applicants of said family:
1. Have read, discussed, and agree to abide by WCHE's Activity Guidelines and Rules of Organization, as a condition of membership.
2. Have read and understand WCHE’s Information.
3. Have read and understand WCHE's Mission Statement.
4. Recognize the possibility of physical injury associated with any association offering activities to its members, and hereby release, discharge and/or otherwise indemnify Willow Creek Church, WCHE, any of its officers, agents, servants, or facilities against any claim by, or on our behalf as a result of our participation in WCHE, and/or being transported to or from the same, which transportation we
hereby authorize.
5. Understand that until we have been accepted through to the private Members Forum, we are not officially members of WCHE. We may be denied membership if WCHE fills to capacity in the interim, or for any other reason deemed reasonable or necessary by WCHE Directors.
6. Directors of WCHE reserve the right to refuse any applicant, and/or decline some members from serving in leadership positions.
7.  The final acceptance of membership relies upon verification of background screening by General Information Services (GIS).
8.  Acknowledge that the completion of this electronic registration form must only be made by the legal parent or guardian, and binds the entire family to this agreement.
Please type carefully, rechecking phone numbers  and e-mail addresses before submitting.  Also, please be sure to list all of your children who will be at co-op or participating in WCHE Special Events (including any nursery age children).
Thank You!

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