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Behavioral Policy

After your membership request has been approved, you will be asked to sign an electronic copy of this form on the secure membership page.

Truth Academy is primarily a drop-off homeschool group and as such, appropriate adult and student conduct is imperative. While under certain circumstances Truth Academy can be a good fit for students with learning challenges, we are not equipped nor are teachers and staff specifically trained to accommodate severe or ongoing behavioral issues and disruptions. With our classes meeting for 50 minutes, one time per week, we need to maximize classroom time. Students must be able to conduct themselves in the classroom without being a disruption. Everybody is expected to act in an orderly and respectful manner, maintaining Christian standards of courtesy, kindness, language, morality, honesty, and striving toward an unquestionable character in dress, conduct, and attitude.  Keeping with the Academy code of conduct a child is expected to:

1. Respect God and Authority

Respect for God and Authority includes viewing God as the Supreme Authority in the life of the Christian.  We believe that God delegates that authority to various agencies that exercise that authority in our lives.  “Children be obedient to your parent in all things, for this is pleasing to the Lord.” Col. 3:20.  Parents are viewed as the primary agency of authority in each child’s life.  In our class setting, teachers and administrators act in the place of the parents.  Therefore, all students are to respond to the God-given authority with respect and obedience.  Respect for authority includes, but not limited to, addressing our teachers, parents, and other adults in a mannerly way.  We expect the children to use titles such as Miss Smith or Mr. Johnson when addressing adults.

2. Respect Each Other

Respecting each other includes but not limited to using proper given names of the students, keeping hands and feet to self, treating each other fairly and courteously.  Respecting other's personal property and using quiet voices in the halls.  Bullying of other students will not be allowed or tolerated. 

3. Respect Property

Respect for the property includes, but not limited to, walking in the building at all times, cleaning up after yourself, keeping hands off the walls and ceilings, taking proper care of your personal property, and any part of the facility.

If a child behaves in a way that is not consistent with these guidelines, we will implement the following steps:

Infraction #1: The child will be given a verbal warning by the class instructor.

Infraction #2: The child will be dismissed from class and sent to the Truth Academy administrator. Parents will be notified.  

Infraction #3: The child will be removed from class and parents will be called for immediate pickup.

The second time a student is sent to the Administrator, a parent-student-teacher conference will be arranged, and a plan to remedy the situation will be set up.  Continued infractions may result in dismissal, non-renewal of membership, or denial of future membership, depending on the severity of the situation.  This includes but is not limited to: fighting, swearing, cheating, stealing, behavior that is harmful or dangerous to self/others, inappropriate treatment of church property (ie: misuse of paper products, tables, chairs, toys, etc), or disrespect for authority. 

Dealing with Personal Conflict:

As is true in any family, conflict arises at times.  We all make mistakes.  However, we need to solve problems in a Christian manner and forgive and ask forgiveness.  Some good things to remember are:

1.  Fighting never solves a problem.

2.  The 8th commandment forbids us to lie or gossip about others.  

3.  Name calling or making fun of others is not the way of a Christian.

4.  We want to put others before ourselves.  Don’t push or shove.

5.  If we have a problem with another person, we should follow Jesus’ way as described in Matthew 18.  This procedure is outlined in detail in “The Peacemaker” by Ken Sande.  Truth Academy will make every attempt to follow Biblical peacemaking and recommends Mr. Sande’s book for further reading and study:

a. Talk to the person about it before talking to anyone else.

b.  If the problem is solved, never talk about it again.  Forget about it.

c.  If you cannot solve the problem, try to get someone else to help you.

d.  If the problem still is not solved, talk to a teacher, the Academy administrator, or another adult.

e.  If it is a problem that could cause harm to a student or someone else, or damage property, tell a teacher or another adult immediately.

6.  If a student or a parent has an issue in any Truth Academy class that is not addressed by the above procedure, the following steps can be utilized:

a.  Talk to the teacher of the class involved in person either before or after class.

b.  If the problem is solved, never talk about it again.  Forget about it.

c.  If the problem is not resolved, talk to the Truth Academy administrator, in person, during Truth Academy hours.  Our administrator will expedite a solution involving the necessary parties, including students, teachers and/or other parents.

d.    If the problem is solved, never talk about it again.  Forget about it.