We offer private voice & piano lessons! We offer College Credit Prep Classes for students as early as 7th grade! Membership is open for the semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Where is Truth Academy located?

→ We meet at Calvary Memorial Church

    2420 Dunwoody Ave

    Wayzata(Navarre), MN 55391


QUESTION: When does Truth Academy offer classes?

→ We meet on Fridays from 9am-4pm. We offer two 14 week semesters each school year. We take off the Friday after Thanksgiving in the fall, Good Friday, and MACHE weekend in the spring. 


QUESTION: How much does it cost? 

→ An $85 (non-refundable) registration fee per family for the school year. Class fees for ages 5-12 begin at $115/class for the semester, which typically includes supply fees. Class fees for age 12+ range from $115-$170/class for the semester. Class materials for the upper level classes may be extra. Families also have an opportunity to participate in the Scrips program to reduce tuition. 


QUESTION: How does the drop-off program work? 

→ We have an administrator present at all times. When you bring your children to Truth Academy, you sign them in with the administrator who is fully aware of their schedule. If you want your child to take some classes, but no all of the classes we offer, you can register them in the Student Lounge option, and they will be supervised by the administrator during that hour. Each student is typically allowed to register for a max of one Student Lounge hour per semester. During that free hour you child could play games, do homework, or play in the gym. 


QUESTION: Can I stay at Truth Academy with my child? 

→ Yes, parents are welcome to stay. We have parents who take advantage of the drop-off feature and others who stay to fellowship with other parents. If parents are planning to be on-site with their child, they need to sign in with the administrators so that we have a record of who is present in the building and wear a name tag. Parents with students who have special medical or other needs may need to remain on-site with their student. 


QUESTION: How does Truth Academy differ from other home school groups/co-ops? 

→ The primary distinction is how and why we structure our classes the way we do. Unlike a traditional co-op where student numbers determine if a class is going to be offered, we operate instead as a group that works with our Instructors to provide classes across age brackets. They are hired to instruct certain courses, even if they have fewer students in one age group and more in another, so we can provide stability in our class offerings. We also look at programs offered locally and work to offer classes that complement instead of competing with other groups of which our families may be a part of. 


QUESTION: What kind of parental support can Truth Academy offer my homeschooling family? 

→ Our parental support offers opportunities for fellowship with homeschooling families, Bible/book study, and a prayer time. The fact that we are an a la carte program allows parents to pick and choose classes based on their individual student’s needs. Being a drop-off or stay program also provides our parents needed time away, if they choose, to handle the realities of life so they can focus on their responsibilities at home the rest of the week. 


QUESTION: Do the instructors assign grades for coursework? 

→ While students age 12-18 may receive grades for completed coursework in some of our upper-level classes, the responsibility for assigning grades for the entire course rests with the parents as we are not an accredited organization and view parents as the primary teachers. 


QUESTION: What is the SCRIPS Program? 

→ Because Truth Academy is a nonprofit corporation, we have the opportunity for our families to reduce their fees by optional participation in the scrips program.