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High School FAQ

High School FAQ

How do I register my student for high school level classes?

The first step is to submit an application and contract of commitment even if your child has participated in BCHE High School co-op in the past.  Both are required for participating in the High School Co-op.  After the application has been submitted, you will receive an email letting you know when you can register your student for classes.  Registration is found under the “Co-op Information” tab on the left side of the page.  Click on the class you want, read all information provided there, and then click “register” on the top right.  Please make sure you register for only 1 class per time session.

What are the fees?

There are two different fees in the high school co-op:  Class fees of $15 per class, per semester are required at the time of registration.  These fees cover the facility, insurance and copies.  Teacher fees are paid directly to the teacher by the parent.  The teachers for Co-op are not employees of BCHE.  We facilitate a partnership between the teacher and parents.  These fees are generally $25 per month per student but are specified on the class description page.  Fees are due at the beginning of the semester and must be paid in full at the parent orientation or your student will be removed from the class.

I missed the registration deadline: can my child still participate in Co-op?

Yes.  Registration for High School Co-op stays open. However, your student must register as stated above with an application and contract of commitment. Many classes reach maximum class size after registration opens, so options may be limited, but you can still register for what’s available.

Do I have to stay?

High School students may be dropped off for classes and parents are not required to stay.

The class is full, what should I do?

All classes will say “Open” on the registration page even if they are full.  That allows for a student to be waitlisted.  To know if a class is full before you register, look at the bottom of the class description.  It will give details of class size and how many are registered.  If you want to be waitlisted, register as you normally would.  If room becomes available in that class, an administrator will adjust the registration to “enrolled” and contact you.

How many classes can a student take?

Students may choose 1-4 classes.  High School Co-op is an a la carte option.

What’s the refund policy?

Registration fees are non-refundable.  Teacher fees can only be refunded for the semester if you drop the class within 2 weeks of the 1st day of class.  The first month’s teacher fees will not be refunded.  This policy compensates teachers for the hours and hours of preparation they do over the summer.