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Request Membership in this Homeschool Group!

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Thank you for your interest in ARCHERS Homeschool Group.  We are a ministry of Grace Church, part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.  Group members are Bible-believing Christians who desire to raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  Our membership application process helps us to ensure that the members have similar beliefs and values.  

Please be aware of two group policies before you apply to join the group.  First, membership in the group requires internet access.  All group information is disseminated via the website and email.   Second, all of our group’s activities are facilitated by group members.  Therefore, each member is required to serve the group using his/her God-given talents and abilities.  First year members provide minimal service as they acclimate to home education and the support group.  Subsequent years will require somewhat more commitment.  With all members serving each other, nothing is extraordinarily large, but the group depends on what each member is capable of contributing.  Examples include coordinating a field trip, helping or organizing an event for the group, or serving the group in support activities such as assisting with annual testing. These service opportunities are discussed in more detail in the Commitments Descriptions and Worksheet document referenced below. 

Please be advised that:

  • ARCHERS is nearing its membership capacity, so not all who apply will be able to be admitted.  Interviews are required unless otherwise indicated.
  • To ensure a spot in fall session classes, please apply by May 31, 2019.
  • Final deadline to join for the 2019-20 school year is June 15, 2019.
  • Plan to allow about one hour for completing the registration process.  You cannot stop part way through and come back to it at a later time. 
  • Have both the husband’s and wife’s Christian testimonies available in written form before beginning the application, as they will be required later in the application process.

  • BEFORE you start the registration process, print out the 2019-20 Commitments and descriptions document. This form contains brief descriptions of the various ministry needs of ARCHERS - select those that match your interest in serving the group.  Feel free to reference this form as you mark your ministry choices on the  Commitment Worksheet (pages 1-3 of that document).  Those choices will be indicated on the Commitment Form later in the registration process.  Keep this form for your future reference.


For "Primary First Name" below, please use husband's name.

For "Spouse Name" please use wife's name.  (Thanks!  This makes our directory information cleaner!)


Finally, be sure to record your login name and password as you create them.  You will need them if  admitted into the ARCHERS Homeschool group.

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