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When and where does Cornerstone meet?

Our co-op and tutorial classes meet on Mondays at Winfield Bible Church in Winfield, Md.


Winfield Bible Chapel

5407 Woodbine Road

Woodbine, MD 21797


Can I register for one class or must I register for the whole day?

This is not an all or nothing venture. Your student may take one class or every course offered throughout the day.


How will these classes fit into my homeschool program?

The classes at Cornerstone are designed to be a support to your home education program. While these classes will provide the necessary framework for a course of study, enrolling a student in a class does not absolve the parents of their responsibility to oversee their student’s education. Parents are responsible to meet the requirements of the Maryland Home School Law, monitoring their student’s work to ensure the required number of days or hours are met. Parents of high school students need to make sure their teens are meeting requirements for a diploma program, if enrolled, and/or college admission requirements.


Who teaches the Cornerstone courses?

Classes for those students in grades 1st-8th are run in a co-op manner. Moms and dads will serve as the teachers and helpers in these classes. Our high school classes are taught by paid tutors. Cornerstone is dedicated to providing excellent academic instruction from a Biblical worldview. Therefore, we only utilize teachers who openly express faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ and sign our statement of faith.


As a parent, what is my requirement in Cornerstone?

If you have a student enrolled in any of our 1st-8th classes, your service requirement will be as a teacher in one class or a helper in two. If you have a K-12 student that is present for lunch, you will be required to serve as a lunch duty monitor for one month. Currently Winfield Bible charges our group nothing to meet on Mondays. As a way of thanking them, we provide refreshments for their monthly board meeting. All families will be assigned a month and will be asked to bring a snack.


How do I register my child for courses at Cornerstone?

To register for courses at Cornerstone, you must complete the membership request form as well as other requisite forms. These forms, along with complete instructions for registration, are located under registration forms. Please read the registration instructions carefully. Registration forms must be accompanied by a $100 registration fee.

Can I register my child for classes after the year begins?

Late registration (after the first two weeks of the school year) will not be allowed for academic middle- and high-school classes.  Late registration for specials will be accepted upon availability.  Decisions for late registrations of elementary classes will be made on a case-by-case basis.


If I register for courses, but change my mind, can I get a refund?

Class fees are refundable for all or part of the class depending on when the student withdraws from the class. In order to withdraw their child from a class, parents should complete an add/drop form and return to Dianna Cote. However, the registration fee is nonrefundable.  For a full explanation of our refund policy, see our financial policies document.


Does Cornerstone require students to wear uniforms?

No, we do not require uniforms; however we do have a dress code. We feel that education is a professional matter. Our purpose in establishing a dress code for students is to create a professional atmosphere designed to foster harmony and educational maturation and to emphasize Biblical standards. Please see our dress code policy under registration forms.