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Thank you for your interest in Grace Family Home School Group.
At this point, there is a waiting list for the co-op classes.   However, read further to learn about the group activities that are available now, and the co-op options for the future.
Due to the waiting list, registration is only available for families who have already been invited and accepted to the group.
Below is info about Grace Family Home School Group (GFHSG) and the co-op.   
GFHSG co-op has little turnover each year, and therefore, the waiting list can be upwards of two years depending on the ages and grades of your children.  We hold a variety of classes, and we have fun while getting academics done too!   Every year, each of the schedules is COMPLETELY dependent upon what the parents want to teach each year.   
GFHSG consists of two 'divisions':  the 'group', and the Friday 'co-op classes'.  The group coordinates a few parties, school pictures, a yearbook, kindergarten graduation, student achievement night, along with other events of which any member of the homeschool group may participate.  Field trips and park days are sometimes coordinated by moms for the group also. If someone plans it, we usually have it.  As for co-op, we hold classes on Fridays during the school year. We are not an umbrella school, and we do not hold any accreditations.  We are just a bunch of homeschool parents with co-ordinators (also homeschool moms) who get together one day per week to teach our children in a group setting.  There is no 'drop-off' of students allowed. These classes are all taught by the parents, and the parents are required to teach and assist in 3-4 classes per day (or more, if your child needs extra assistance) and remain on the premises when not teaching.   New members who are not yet ready to 'teach' their first year, may just assist in classes.  Our group does provide a discounted FPEA rate (Florida Parent Educator's Association ).


At this time, the wait list for the co-op could possibly be two years, as we do not have much turn over each year.    Please keep this in mind, as some of the groups listed below will have a registration deadline in early spring for the next school year, before I typically know how many new families I will be able to invite.  

Continue reading to see if GFHSG would be a good fit for you and your family.  I've included options with our group and other groups in the area.    

We do have a few families who join the 'group' and not the 'co-op', in order to participate in our extra-curricular activities. This cost is $35 per family for the school year.  Again, since these are coordinated by anyone within the group, I can't say how many events will be organized for this upcoming year. If you are interested in this group-only option, please fill out the form below.   The group-only fee will be added to your account, and payment will need to be made before you may register for any of the events / field trips.   Remember, this does NOT grant you access to the co-op classes unless you have been invited to join the co-op.   If you would like to be added to the waitlist for co-op classes, email [email protected] with the following info:

SUBJECT:  (last name)

Content:   names and grades (for the next school year) of your child(ren)

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Thank You.

The fee to participate in the co-op is $150 per family, in addition to the class book and supply fees. Each year, if there is any money that is unspent by the classes, we use that money to lower our registration fees for returning families the following year.  We have been able to offer a $50 discount for returning families, and another $50 discount for teachers for the past several years, making the membership cost as low as $50 total for returning families.   This fee will be added to your account upon acceptance of your website registration, and must be paid prior to registering for classes.  Our membership funds are used for background checks, group insurance, and various events and activities throughout the year, including, but not limited to:  parties, student achievement presentation, kindergarten graduation, speaker fees, prizes for games and contests, website fees and too many more to list.  

There are other groups that offer weekly classes, park days and many field trips. You can find a list of those groups at
A few that I know about are listed below:
Christian Family Co-Op             (contact [email protected])
Class Source                   
Classical Conversations           - Input your zip code to find locations near you.
Tampa Covenant              
Trinity Academy                
Lighthouse                                 Lighthouse Christian Homeschool Academy

Class Source, Classical Conversations, Lighthouse, Tampa Covenant, and Trinity are groups that pay their teachers, with some allowing drop-off of students, with the trade-off being higher prices than our parent-led co-op.   If you are not in a position to commit your time and energy to a parent-led co-op, I strongly suggest that you consider one of these other groups.

The file, "What is GFHSG?" will explain more about the group.   AT VAN DYKE ONLY, Moms with infants through 2-year-olds work together to watch each others children on campus in addition to teaching and assisting in their scheduled classes.

I am aware that this is a large amount of info.  If you are interested in the GFHSG co-op after reading all of the information, please email [email protected] and let me know the names and grades of your children, and I will add you to the waiting list, or pass your info along to the LOL campus co-ordinator.   Indicate in your email if you have a campus preference. 

While the addition of the Grace Famiy Church Land O Lakes campus is a HUGE blessing, there is still a need for additional parent-led co-ops in the area.  If you are interested in getting a group started at your location, I'm willing to provide some advice to help you get started.  


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