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Small Groups


Hi, welcome to the small groups (and support groups) page!

Small groups are groups of families who band together to go on field trips, meet for play days, and to make friends. Each group is different and can organize around the needs of those families who comprise that group. There are many different small groups in this part of Indiana. Here are the groups and their contact information.

Note: An area can never have too many small groups! (It helps keep the groups small!) If you can't find a group that suits your needs or meets in a geographical location you want, consider starting a new small group. We'll be glad to help you get one started.


In the Lafayette area:

Kids Learning About Something Special (KLASS): Contact Scarlet Kennedy

Lafayette Christian Co -op:

Meets twice a month with classes in speech, art, Lego science, drama, and P.E.  We are a co-op and a support group, and have a variety of other activities we schedule for our group.  
To join together provide a Christian environment to expose ourselves and children to public speaking, to enjoy art projects together, to learn new things in hands-on science experiments, to teach those classes that are difficult or time consuming to teach on our own, and to foster close friendships on a foundation of Christ. All for the goal of glorifying God by sharpening our children like arrows, training them in the ways of the Lord, and supporting each other in our homeschooling journey.



Outside of Tippecanoe County:


Benton/Fountain/Warren Counties:

Each Living in Jesus & Home Schooling (ELIJAH) Christian Home Educators: Kelly Wallpe

E.L.I.J.A.H (Each Living In Jesus And Homeschooling) Christian Home Educators (E.C.H.E.) is a group of Benton, Fountain, Warren and surrounding counties families. We meet at the Pine Village Christian Church. This year we are meeting every other week. One week we have a field trip and the other week we take turns giving workshops on varies topics to the K-6 grade. Grade 7-12; usually spend their time with fellowship, football, games, and etc. When we meet at Pine Village Christian Church, it is from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Each year we gather at the close of the schooling year and discuss our need. In the past, we have gotten together for just fellowship, classes, or workshops, whatever our needs are at that given time. We are a flexible and laid back group. Please feel free to contact Kelly, if you have any questions or information.

Cass County


Home schooler seeking support - Michelle Erbaugh


SHinE Educational Resources (Showing Him in Education) - Igna Overly


Clinton County- Kathy Hodge, (765) 659-4153


Montgomery County

Crawfordsville Area Christian Home Educators (CACHE):

CACHE is actually a huge group (not a small group) with fund raisers, a homeschool curriculum & resource library, their own newsletter, etc.

White County

White County Home Educators (WCHE)

The White County Home Educators (WCHE) invites anybody who lives in White County or the surrounding area to check us out.  We are a support group whose goal is to help one another, encourage new home educators, and facilitate opportunities to enhance our education.  We have three couples on our steering committee  (who are also members of GLHEA). This group will enable homeschoolers in White County to build more of a community feeling and to have activities in our local area.

Some of the activities that are already happening or being planned for the 2008-2009 school year include: Keepers of the Faith club, a jump rope team, a monthly book club, a monthly share day, and lots of field trip options (several families are studying Indiana History and want to do some exploring together).  
We also sponsor three group events each year, two aimed at families and one just for parents.  In addition, Mom's only meetings are sprinkled throughout  the year.


For more information please check out the website via the above link or email.




We also can provide you with a list of veteran homeschool moms who will be glad to answer any question you have concerning homeschooling. Some will even let you come observe them teaching for a day. Please go to Mentor Directory to see or print a listing of these moms!