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SCHE Sports Program


The SCHE Sports Program is established to offer homeschooling families an environment for competition and building of character that is focused on Christ-like behavior.

Activities and Contact Information

Director of Sports for SCHE: Bill Free - Click to Contact

SCHE provides the following opportunities to families looking for structured sports activities.

Sport/Activity Typical Season Head Coach Contact Information
Basketball (Boys) Winter (January-March) Phil Stoll
Football (Boys) Summer/Fall (August-October) Jesse Phillips
Soccer (Girls) Summer/Fall (August-October) Johnny Thompson
Volleyball (Girls) Summer/Fall (August-October) Rebekah Stoll
Shotgun All Year Event Phil Stoll



Planning and coordination of activities for the various sports offered within SCHE are handled by the SCHE Sports Committee. The committee is comprised of the Director of Sports for SCHE and the head coaches from each sport.

The head coaches will assign assistant coaches for their respective sport as needed, under the approval of the Director prior to the season starting.

The Director of Sports for SCHE administers the SCHE Sports Program in accordance with the Purpose and Guidelines of SCHE.  The Director assigns Head Coaches for each sport.

The SCHE Board appoints the Director of Sports for SCHE who will be a liaison with the sports programs and the Board.


All sports registration dues must be paid by September 1st.  Sports rosters will be finalized by September 1st and no additional registrations will be accepted after that point. 

Important:  Please note that children will not be allowed to practice until they have been registered and paid dues.  If your child arrives to practice without registering first, they will have to sit that practice out.

Additional Information

Begun more than 20 years ago by a homeschool dad/coach, our flag football team sometimes competes with other area flag football teams,but mostly holds scrimmages/games against themselves.

Another dad then expanded our program to include soccer, specifically for the sisters that were tired of sitting around watching their brothers practice. Soccer has greatly expanded over the years. Currently the oldest girls team has excelled to the playing of area schools!!

Later, a homeschool mom began a volleyball team for the teen girls. Now Sports is a highly anticipated, twice-a-week event for the whole family.

All fall sports hold regular practice at the same location and time - Mondays and Thursdays 4:30- 6:00 p.m (Mustangs practice will begin at 4 pm) at the Starkville Sportsplex . Practice begins in mid-August and the last games are usually held at the end of October.

Flag Football is for boys ages 5 -19. The oldest team, the Mustangs, is for boys age 13-19(or graduated) The middle team, the JV team, is for ages 8-12. The youngest team, the Youth team, is for ages 5-7.

Soccer is for girls ages 6 and up. It is broken down into groups called: Mini Strikers--ages 6-8; Jr. Strikers--ages 9-12; and Strikers--ages 12 to 19( or graduated) for the more advanced players! (parent and coach determine skill level). All groups practice both days.

Volleyball is for girls age 10 to graduate. The volleyball practices have become increasingly popular and most recently comprised 4 teams.

Basketball starts in mid-January and ends mid-March.  Practices and games are held at The First United methodist Church gym in downtown Columbus. The oldest team is for boys 14-senior.  Practice/games are from 6:00PM - 8:30PM.

Other family members not actively practicing a sport also congregate at the field for fellowship. The moms cluster at the pavillion to visit and share teaching tips, while the youngest of the children enjoy playing together at the playground!

Many families bring a picnic supper and continue visiting after practice - a lovely tradition continued by popular demand. Hope to see you there!!

# Once Sports begins ALL Sports related information---weather cancellations, game scheduling, etc. will come through your SCHE email. PLEASE make sure you check your email on the days of practice when weather is questionable. (DO NOT CALL THE COACH  or the coaches spouse!!!!laugh) Weather calls will be made by the Sports Committee and the decision will be sent out by 1 o'clock of that days practice!!!! THANK YOU!!