Who Are We?

Anaheim Magnolia Christian School is a Christian Private School Satellite Program (PSP) for home educating families. AMCS is a ministry of Magnolia Baptist Church in Anaheim.

AMCS Activities and Services

Our Administrators:
Chuck and Robyn Nordell are the administrators of AMCS. Chuck and Robyn homeschooled each of their three children from preschool through high school and have been helping other families to excel in their homeschooling efforts for more than 25 years. Their oldest son is a Biola University graduate; their younger son and daughter both graduated from Cal State Fullerton.

Chuck has been the Associate Pastor of Magnolia Baptist Church in Anaheim since 1985. Robyn was honored to have received the Christian Home Educators' Association's 2004 award for Leader of the Year. Robyn has spent thousands of hours working on legal/legislative issues, especially working in the areas of maintaining parental rights, religious freedoms, and private homeschooling freedoms.

Our K-12th Grade Program Is Designed for Families in which both the husband and wife:

1) are committed Christians and are involved in a local Christian church

2) desire to pursue excellence in education for their children by teaching Biblical principles, academics, and life skills,

3) are in agreement with our statement of beliefs, code of conduct, statement of commitment, mission and vision statements, and

4) are in agreement regarding their decision to home educate their children through AMCS.

While we are a K-12th grade program, we primarily admit new students in their K-8th grade years. Our 9th – 12th grade program is primarily for students who have been with AMCS from earlier years. Exceptions are made for high school students on a case by case basis, such as for a Christian high schooler who has been homeschooled in the past.


Supporting Christian homeschooling families endeavoring to raise well-educated children who love God, pursue wisdom, and effectively influence others for Christ.