Code of Conduct

1. Treat each other with kindness and respect. Act and speak in a manner that creates an environment in which everyone feels accepted, loved, and safe.

Think before you act! It is never ok to intentionally emotionally or physically hurt or embarrass another person.

Here are examples of inappropriate behaviors:

making fun of people, unkind remarks, name calling, profanity, racial jokes, coarse jokes, gossiping, conversations involving occult or sexual situations (including comments about someone else’s body). Telling people to “shut-up” falls in the category of unkind remarks.

No threats of violence against others. No type of bullying is allowed.

2. Have an attitude of compassion for the differences, needs or disabilities of others. We need to teach our children not to be cruel to people who are different from themselves, as so often happens in schools. Also, our children are regularly around non-AMCS children at Park Days, on some field trips, and other events. Treat these children with kindness and respect.

3. Have respect for authority figures, whether that is a teacher, a tour guide, the person in charge of a field trip, the leader of a game at Park Day, etc. Students need to understand that Chuck and Robyn Nordell are the administrators of AMCS and that students are to obey their directives. Please teach your child that the adult in charge of a given activity has been delegated by the school (and you) to speak to them about, and to correct, inappropriate behavior. Parents, please cooperate with, and show respect to the adults who are in charge of a field trip, class, or a given activity, especially in regards to not carrying on private conversations which may be disruptive to the activity.

4. Parents and students - even though you may not have a problem with certain words, behaviors, actions, or style of dress or messaging on clothing within your own family, if you know something is likely to be offensive to someone else, please consider not doing it/wearing it at AMCS events.

We would ask you to think about such things as:

-scolding your children in front of others. When possible, please try to do this at least semi-privately.

-the content of electronic games, lyrics to music being played, bizarre action figures, etc. that your children may be bringing to AMCS events.

-having respect for the property and landscape of the church property, parks, field trip locations, etc.

Toy guns and other toy weapons are not allowed at AMCS events. Please do not bring dogs to park days and AMCS events. (If an exception is needed for a particular event, or if you are training a puppy, please talk with the administrators.)

Please exhibit a spirit of graciousness in dealing with our differences.

5. On educationally-oriented field trips, come prepared to listen attentively and behave appropriately. Distracting items should be avoided. Parents, please help your students to wait quietly for field trips to begin. Do not let your students run around or climb on fences or trees. Your children should be with you, with another designated parent, or standing or sitting quietly – depending on the situation.

6. The possession of weapons by students is not permitted at any AMCS function. Parents and students - the use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products, or the possession of illegal drugs are not permitted during any AMCS functions.

7. Students are encouraged to make wholesome friendships. However, students will refrain from demonstrating romantic affection at all AMCS events.

8. Clothing should be clean, neat and in good repair, modest in style and fit, should not draw undue attention or be a distraction. (Exposed midriff, exposed cleavage-front or back), excessively baggy or tight, bare back, short shorts or short skirts, exposed undergarments are all unacceptable. Students-no exposed tattoos or body piercings (except earrings); no extreme hair styles, make-up or jewelry.