Activities and Services


The AMCS activities listed below are typically offered each year. However, due to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 situation, we do not yet know which of these activities will take place in-person during the 2020-2021 school year.

· Field Trips

· Bi-monthly Park Days (generally Fridays afternoons)

· Community Service Projects

· “October Friday Classes” (9:30 am – 12 pm)

Fun, educational classes for preschoolers-high schoolers. Our 4th -6th graders participate annually in one the California Weekly Explorer “Walk Through History” Programs, which rotate on a 3-year cycle between CA history, Revolutionary War, and Lewis & Clark adventures. The subject matter for other grades varies from year to year.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 situation, in the 2020-2021 school year, we will not be holding these classes in October. We hope to be able to offer these in-person classes during the spring.

· Jr/Sr High Activities, including service projects, Park Days, youth activities, such as bowling, laser tag, game nights, rock climbing, beach days…

· Family Desert Night and Talent Show

· Oral Presentation Day for Preschool through 6th Graders

· Valentine’s Day Celebration

· End of year party for preschoolers-6th graders, put on by parents and teens.

· Participation in select activities and service projects of Magnolia Baptist Church

· End of Year Open House/Promotions Night Celebration (includes 8th grade graduation and some years High School graduation)

· Annual Outdoor School Kick-Off Event

· High School Graduation. High school diplomas are granted for students who complete our course of study, including passing the CA High School Proficiency Exam.


AMCS Parent In-Service & Encouragement Opportunities:

Couple’s Dinners & Discussions, Parent Instructional Meetings, and Moms’ Activities (some are educational; others are designed for encouragement, fellowship, and fun.)

FLEXIBLE In-Service Requirement:

One parent from each family is required to attend our annual Parents Meeting (the fourth Saturday in August), plus two other AMCS activities of their choice each year.

Parents are required to acquire 15 in-service credits per couple each year. (These 15 credits can be earned by one parent or by a combination of both parents). In-Service Credits are earned by any combination of the following: attending AMCS Parent’s or Mom’s Activities, or through approved outside seminars/conventions, reading books, or through various audio/visual/or online programs on home education and parenting-related issues. There are some mandatory meetings for parents of Jr/Sr High students which count towards fulfilling these requirements.



School Record Keeping

Maintenance of Student Cumulative Records (Cum Files), and state-required attendance and health records. High school transcripts are provided.

AMCS Required Record Keeping by Families

Elementary Students: attendance, course of study (list of curriculum), semester goals & evaluations form, semester report cards, and flexible weekly record keeping system.

Jr/Sr Highers: attendance, course descriptions, quarterly evaluation forms, and report cards.


Annual Achievement Testing – administered in the spring of each year (either the week before or after Easter)

School Identity - School pictures, yearbooks, student and teacher I.D. cards.