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How to Enroll

We consider it an honor to get to know other brothers and sisters in Christ who share our vision of family discipleship and home education. You should read the following pages carefully to decide if SMIC Academy is right for your family:

-About Us (who we are, what we offer, what we require, and what it costs)
-SMCC’s doctrinal statement (
-Peacemakers Pledge 

Both parents should be like-minded in their desire to homeschool.
The teaching parent should:
- submit a written personal Christian testimony,
- not be employed full-time outside the home,
- be a member in good standing of a church of like doctrine and practice to Shades Mountain Community Church, (we will ask your church for a pastoral recommendation), and
- be willing to sign and live in Christian harmony with SMCC’s Doctrinal Statement.


Our enrollment period is May 1 – Aug 1.  Join our mailing list to be reminded when enrollment opens.
Members of Shades Mountain Community Church are allowed to enroll year-round. Please begin by contacting the church secretary Gina Cody at 205-978-9200 to confirm your membership status. Then Contact Our Enrollment Coordinator and indicate that you are a church member. We will contact you soon.


Steps to enroll

1. Decide if SMIC Academy is right for your family.
2. Sign up on our mailing list. On or before enrollment opens on May 1st, you will be notified on how to receive our application and forms.  
3. Fill out and submit our new family application and forms.  Some forms will be completed online.
4. Submit payments for tuition and fees to the enrollment coordinator.
5. Engage in an interview with a board member couple, where you will submit the personal testimony, sign the doctrinal statement, and sign the Peacemaker’s Pledge.

Once your membership has been approved by the SMIC Academy Board, you will submit your proof of HSLDA membership and your curriculum info form. If your membership is not approved for some reason, your payments will be returned to you.