How to Enroll

We consider it an honor to get to know other brothers and sisters in Christ who share our vision of family discipleship and home education. You should read the following pages carefully to decide if SMIC Academy is right for your family:

-About Us (who we are, what we offer, what we require, and what it costs)
-SMCC’s doctrinal statement (
-Peacemakers Pledge 

Both parents should be like-minded in their desire to homeschool.  (Single parents should have the authority to make this decision.)
The teaching parent should:
- submit a written personal Christian testimony,
- not be employed full-time outside the home,
- be a member in good standing of a church of like doctrine and practice to Shades Mountain Community Church, (we will ask your church for a pastoral recommendation), and
- be willing to sign and live in Christian harmony with SMCC’s Doctrinal Statement.


Our standard enrollment period is May 1 – Aug 1 for the upcoming school year.  
After August 1, requests for late enrollment will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Tuition and fees for late enrollment are the same.  If you have truancy issues, you must clear these up before enrolling.  Our enrollment process may take up to 2 weeks after we receive your paperwork to complete the interview due to personal schedules.

Steps to enroll
1.  Decide if SMIC Academy is right for your family.  Contact Our Enrollment Coordinator with questions not answered on our About Us pages.  
2.  Fill out our Enrollment Request form.
3.  Download these 3 documents:
Parent/Teacher Application Questionnaire.  The husband and wife must fill this out, single parents excepted.  This questionnaire will help you communicate your personal Christian testimony and your thoughts on homeschooling.
Doctrinal statement - the teaching parent is required to sign this, but both parents may sign
Peacemaker's Pledge - both parents must sign this, single parents excepted

Complete these and send them in one of the following ways:
Mail:     SMIC Academy                 OR    Email pdfs to: 
Attn:  Enrollment Coordinator  
2281 Old Tyler Rd.                        OR    Upload completed docs/pdfs/jpgs on this page:
Birmingham, AL 35226                      Upload New Family Documents

4.  After we have received the New Family Documents from you and the recommendation from your pastor, we will call you to schedule a personal interview.  

5.  Once your membership has been approved by the SMIC Academy Board, you will need to:
- Join our website after we send you an invitation link
- Once your account has been invoiced, pay your tuiton and fees - cash, check, or Paypal
- Register your children for the New Student Class, as well as K-6th Grade class or 7th-12th Grade class
Download the packet of 4 documents.  Upload them using the New Student Class portal or mail them or email them to the above addresses.
     Student Packet - required for each child enrolling
       -Student Application - required
       -Enrollment Form - required
       -Vaccination record OR Opt-Out form - required
       -Records Request - optional for 1st-8th; required for any student with high school credits
- Submit Curriculum Info forms or Course Descriptions form for each student, found in the Resources for the Grade Class or under the Forms tab.  These are due by the faculty meeting (last Saturday of August).  They can be uploaded, mailed, or emailed.

Your child's enrollment is NOT complete until your family has been interviewed and approved, and we have EVERYTHING required above.