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New Member Instructions

1.  Please click & read the links below. Agreement to comply with these items is necessary to complete the Member Agreement found on your Profile.  

     A. Parent and Student(s)


     B. Parent   

         Refund Policy


2.  Membership Request 

         *Click "Join" at the top of the web page and fill in the information on the PROFILE page.

         *In the Children box, please choose the grade that your student will be in when taking the classes you are registering for (most likely the next school year).

          *Under Forum Emails, be sure to click YES so your students receive all dashboard generated class communication.

                Forum Emails:

                    Would you like to receive forum notifications via email (not just the ones you create)?Yes No

                  *You will be able to log onto the website after you receive an approval email from the directors.


3. Complete all requirements for the child protection law for every adult in your family who will be volunteering with Cornerstone.  Parents may choose to "opt-out" of their monitor responsibilities by paying a $10 fee per required spot, but we still need clearances for one member of your family on file.   Cornerstone will assign your paid spots to one of our contracted monitors.

The following clearances are required to be completed every 5 years:

          a) State Criminal Check  Print the page with the seal and give us a copy.

          b) Child Abuse Form Print and/or copy your results and give us a copy.

          c) Volunteer Disclosure (if in PA 10 years or more): Print and give to us.

          d) Fingerprint Check (only complete if in PA less than 10 years): Give a copy of your results to us.

          When you register, you will have to provide one of the following service codes: volunteer- 1KG6ZJ; contractor- 1KG738. 

          e) Mandated Reporter: As a mandated reporter, you are required to be familiar with the legal responsibilities

          of reporting any suspected child abuse.

           f) Please review the following links:    

                   MembersRecognizing Abuse  and Reporting Abuse

                   Teachers: Submit a certificate of training every 5 years.Some options: and  PA Family Support Alliance Training

*If you are also a member of lower tier, your clearances will be kept on file with them.


4. Course Selection: Go to Class Schedule

Step One: Select the correct Family Fee found at the top of the schedule. CLICK ONLY ONE. The one you click should reflect both the date of registration (either before or after June 30) as well as your family's membership in Upper Tier ONLY or in both Upper AND Lower Tiers.

Step Two: Click on class name for drop down box with details. Check the student(s) you would like to register for that class and then click "Register. This will add the class to your cart. Continue adding classes as desired.

Step Three: Click on "Manage Class Registrations" (found at the top right of the Class Schedule Page) to review your registration. If everything is correct print this page (found at the top right - "Selected Tab"). Turn this page in with your payment.


5.  Sign up to monitor:  Each full year class = 4 monitor spots / Each 1 semester class = 2 monitor spots. 12 spots MAX.

     Monitor Sign-Up

6. Please consider signing up to bring a teacher snack one (or more!) Thursday(s). Sign Up Genius link is on the webpage.

     Teacher Snack

7. If you have a student driver or a student that will be transported by another student fill out and return this form: Permission Slip

8. Make payment in one of two ways:

Initial payment is expected within two weeks of registration.

  • Full payment is welcome.  Members may print receipts from homeschool life anytime after payment is posted.  Accounting details are always available on our website for your convenience.
  • Partial payments are accepted accordingly:

The initial payment must include your Family Fee, all Supply Fees, any Monitoring "opt out" Fees, and a deposit towards your tuition.  The remaining balance may be spread over the number of months that remain before January 1, 2022 or less.  Please postdate checks for the first of the month and divide the payments.  

ALL CHECKS MUST BE HANDED IN AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION with the understanding that the money is committed and under the rules of the refund policy. 

Invoices and payments are always updated on the homeschool life website.  Please check your account and pay for any classes you may add later.

9. Become familiar with the use of the Classroom Dashboard, as many of our teachers use the website for assignments, grades, and communication. Tutorials are found under Resources. 

10. Submit copies of all Child Protection Clearances as soon as you receive them in person, via email to [email protected], or mail with your payment. Complete the interactive student driver form for each upper tier student for leadership for directors to maintain on file.  Hand in payment (cash or check made payable to Cornerstone) or mail to:   

Cornerstone, c/o Catherine Sharp, 406 Conestoga Blvd, Lancaster, PA 17602.