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New Member Instructions

1.  Please click & read the links below. Agreement to comply with these items is necessary to complete the Member Agreement found in your Profile page in step #2.  

     A. Parent and Student(s)


     B. Parent   

         Refund Policy

         Waiver of Liability


2.  Membership Request Click "Join" at the top of the web page and fill in the information on the profile page. At the bottom of the Request Membership information page there is a field titled Clearances Completed. Please leave this field blank. The directors will update this field with the date of your earliest clearance when we receive them from you. You do need to respond to questions #2 (member agreement) and #3 (waiver of liability) at the bottom of the profile page in order to be approved.  Wait for an approval email with directions to log into website.


3.  Complete all of the requirements for the child protection law for the person who will be fulfilling your monitoring responsibilities. The following clearances are required to be completed every 5 years:

          a) State Criminal Check  Print the page with the seal and give us a copy.

          b) Child Abuse Form Print and/or copy your results and give us a copy.

          c) Disclosure Statement (if in PA 10 years or more): Print and give to us.

          d) Fingerprint Check (only complete if in PA less than 10 years): Give a copy of your results to us.

          When you register, you will have to provide one of the following service codes: volunteer- 1KG6ZJ; contractor- 1KG738. 

          e) Mandated Reporter: As a mandated reporter, you are required to be familiar with the legal responsibilities

          of reporting any suspected child abuse. Please refer to the following links:

          Recognizing Child Abuse

          Reporting Abuse


*In lieu of the required background check, parents choosing to enroll their children have the option to pay someone to fulfull their monitoring resonsibilities.  Alternate Monitoring Form

* If you are also a member of lower tier, your clearances will be fulfilled by them.


4.  Course Selection: Go to Class Schedule  and click on the class(es) you are interested in. When you click on the class name the class description will open along with class fees.  Check the student(s) you would like to register for that class and click "register."  This will add the class to your cart.  Be sure to add Upper Tier only or Upper/Lower Tier, found in red on the top line of the grid, for only one of your students, which will add the family fee to your cart.  Check your class registration summary, and when you have finished registration, please print the summary sheet.

Note- If you are registering after June 30th, please click on the late fee (found on the top line of the matrix), to add a $50 fee to your cart. 


5.  Sign up to monitor:  1 class = 4 monitor spots, 2 classes = 8 monitor spots, 3 classes = 10 monitor spots, 4 classes or more = 12 monitor spots (maximum required).  We do our best to adhere to these numbers. In some instances you may be required to sign up for additional slots if the need arises.

Monitor Sign-Up

In lieu of the required background check, parents choosing to enroll their children have the option to pay someone to fulfill their monitoring responsibilities.

Alternate Monitoring Form


6. Please consider signing up to bring a teacher snack one (or more!) Thursday(s). Sign Up Genius link is on the webpage.

Teacher Snack

7. If you have a students driver or a student that will be transported by another student fill out and return this form: Permission Slip

8. Make payment in one of two ways:

a. Submit a check for the entire amount of your tuition. You will receive an invoice and receipt for what you have paid and can access your account on the website. Please hand in all forms along with payment. 


b. You may pay with multiple post-dated checks. Equally divide your tuition over any number of months with the first check dated to coincide with your registration and the last check dated no later than March 1, 2021. ALL CHECKS SHOULD BE DATED THE FIRST OF THE MONTH (this makes our accounting easier). ALL CHECKS MUST BE HANDED IN AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION with the understanding that the money is committed and under the rules of the refund policy. You will receive invoices and receipts for what you have paid, and can access your account balance on the website. Please hand in any required forms along with payment.


9. Hand in copies of all Child Protection Clearances (found in #3) as soon as you receive them all OR the Alternate Monitoring Document (found in #3).  If applicable hand in student driver or passenger form. Hand in payment (cash or check made payable to Cornerstone) or mail to:   


c/o Karen Greineder

366 Ironstone Ridge Rd

Lancaster, PA 17603