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Class Progression

The four state required core subjects have indicated how many high school credits are required to graduate in Pennsylvania. If there are prerequisites or age requirements for a particular class, they will be found in the class description. Your student’s teachers are valuable resources to help you decide what class(es) are best suited for your student in the coming year! If you have any questions about your student’s readiness for a particular class please contact the teacher at the email listed in the directory or speak with a director.

*Can be taken in 7th or 8th grade, or open to grades 7-12.

*** These Science Labs may be taken independently.

Academic Year 2024-2025 Classes Highlighted

English (4)

Writing Emphasis:

*Institute for Excellence in Writing, Jr. High – Level A (7-9)

*Grammar and Essay- Level A (7-9)

*Writers’ Workshop- Level B/C (7-12)

*Business Writing (One Semester)- Level B/C (7-12)

* Academic Writing- Level B/C (7-12)

Creative Writing (One Semester)- Level C (9-12)

Research Writing (One Semester)- Level C (9-12)

*Speech (One Semester)

Literature Emphasis:

American Literature

British Literature

Science Fiction Literature

Middle School Literature (One Year)

Middle School Literature A Mouse, Exotic Birds, & Toads (One Semester)

Jane Austen's Life & Novels (One Semester)

Shakespeare (One Semester)

High School Villains & Heroes (One Semester) (10-12)

High School Literature Journeys: by Sea, Land, or Sky (One Semester) (10-12)

>See below for history courses that also offer an English component

History/Social Studies (3)

*Civics & Geography

>*World History & Literature (7-9)

>*US History & Literature (7-9)

American History

Modern World History


*Art Through the Ages (One Semester or Two) 

*Music History (One Semester)

*Art History (One Semester)

*Castles, Kings and Battles (One Semester)

*Middle School Medieval and Renaissance History

*Bible History (One Semester or Two)


*Pre-Algebra (Saxon or Math-U-See)

*Algebra 1 (Saxon)

Geometry (Math-U-See)

Algebra 2 (Math-U-See)

P/SAT Math Prep (Fall 4 Weeks Only)

Pre-Calculus (Math-U-See)

Consumer Math (10th-12th only)



*Physical Science

***Physical Science Lab (One Semester)

*General Science

***General Science Lab (One Semester)


***Biology Lab (One Semester)

Environmental Science

*** Environmental Science Lab (One Semester)

Chemistry/Chemistry Lab

Advanced Anatomy & Physiology


*Space Exploration

*Electronics and Magnetism (One Semester)

Foreign Language (college prep 2-3 years recommended)

*Spanish - Introductory

Spanish 1A, 1B, 2

*French – Introductory

French 1A, 1B, 2, 3

*German – Introductory

German 2, 5


Biblical Greek



*Master of Defense

*Studio Art

Advanced Art (9-12)

*Painting 1&2


*Watercolor and Painting

*Artistic Crafts

Photography and Graphic Design(9-12)

*3D Design and Sculpture

*Music Appreciation (One Semester)

Music Theory (One Semester)

*Vocal Ensemble

*Theatre Basics(One Semester)

*Woodworking (I & II)

*Home Repair (One Semester)

*Health (One Semester)

*Mechanical Drawing (One Semester)

*Intro to Architecture (One Semester)

Intro to Python (One Semester)

*Computer Applications (One Semester)

*Bible Depicting (One or Two Semesters)