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Our Mission

Our mission is to grow leaders who: love learning and pay the price of greatness; embody a moral foundation of truth, virtue, compassion, liberty, and courage; and positively impact the world for good.

SVLA Symphony

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For Students and Adults
Conductor: Leslie Williams
When: Tuesdays 3:50-4:50
Where: Approximately 7800 South and Redwood (exact location will be emailed after you register and pay).

STUDENT CLASS FEE: $75/semester
ADULT (19 +) CLASS FEE: $15/semester

Music is a universal language, it speaks to us in ways words can't. Playing with a group of musicians who share a love of music is rewarding and motivating. The SVLA Community Advanced Symphony is for anyone who can already play an instrument at an advanced level. This will be a place where musicians of all ages can gather to make and enjoy music together. This ensemble will include all instruments. Each player should be able to read their music, be familiar with all notes on their instrument and be able to tune their own instruments (using a tuner is fine). This group will be playing advanced high school level music and will include some fun Star Wars and Harry Potter pieces! Symphony members will be responsible to bring their own instruments and music stands each week. Music will be provided. If you are unsure about what level you are playing at, feel free to reach out to me for music samples: lesliewilliams@musician.org, 801-259-6314. We will have 2 concerts during the year, at the end of each semester. Bring a friend and come play music with us! 

SVLA Orientation - May 2020

Core Colloquium (Held Wednesdays) Info and Q&A


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