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Welcome to the Home Educators of Yuma (HEY)

Homeschool educators of Yuma (HEY) was founded for the benefit of Yuma’s Christian homeschool community to inform of relevant laws and opportunities; to support in a more rounded education through organized group activities and events otherwise hard to provide in a single-family setting; and to encourage all in ways of fellowship, community, and prayer.

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End of Year Celebration
May 21 - Friday
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Prayer, Praise, & Help Requests
[email protected]
General information
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Thank you to our donors.

Bernardo’s Restaurant                                         Southwestern Palliative Care & Hospice

11375 S Fortuna Rd, Yuma                                  1950 S 3rd St, Yuma

Wheezy’s Restaurant                                           Packrat's Mail-N-More

11373 S Fortuna Rd, Yuma                                  11862 S Foothills Blvd, Yuma

Wellton Assembly of God Church                        Qangledangle.com

29365 Los Angeles Ave, Wellton

Mountain View Bible Church

2390 E 40th St, Yuma