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American History and School Pictures ~ October 10th

American History and School Picture Night ~ October 10th

Please join us October 10th for an American History Presentation and School Picture Night

Welcome to CHESF

Christian Home Educators of Southwest Florida is a group of families dedicated to bringing up our children with a sound education based on love, respect, hope for the future, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. We’re here to support you in homeschooling your children with God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit. Meetings and activities sponsored by CHESF reflect our Christian principles, yet membership is open to those who do not share this faith.

Homeschooling provides the opportunity to not only give your children a solid academic background that suits their individual learning styles but also to experience life together with them, instilling Christian values, character, creativity, teamwork, service, and other disciplines. It allows us to model for our children a life in relationship with God, walking with him throughout each day and keeping in touch with Him through prayer. Continue Reading Here

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Guiding Premise and Personal Acknowledgment

Guiding Premise

Most educational systems are based upon moral and philosophical premises. The pioneering families dedicated to home education established CHESF on Christian ethics as expressed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the authoritative Word of God. Meetings and activities sponsored by CHESF will reflect our Christian principles, yet membership shall be open to those who do not share this faith. It shall be the obligation of every member to act in such a way that would not inhibit, offend, or infringe upon the freedom of those who choose to express their Christian faith in CHESF activities.

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Events and Meetings Overview


We have family meetings planned beginning in August and ending in May.  These gatherings consist of General Meetings, Workshops to equip Parents, Educational Fairs to highlight our children's accomplishments, or just Family-Wide Fellowships to provide....well...just Fellowship!  We wrap up the school year with a graduation celebration, combined with an awards and reconigition ceremony. All events are designed to encourage building FAMILY relationships among CHESF members, providing opportunities for both the parents and the children.  

Other activities, field trips, classes, etc. are posted on the calendar and in our forums which are for members only.

Unless otherwise noted below, monthly meetings are held starting @ 7:00 pm on the second Monday of the month. Always check the CHESF calendar! Feel free to invite potential new members to all meetings with the exception of the Christmas Party. 

The Annual Used Curriculum sale is open to members and non-members for both sale and purchase of items. There is no admission fee for those who wish to shop. Members receive a discounted rate per table they want for display of their sale items.

Meeting Location

Meeting location for the School Year 2022-2023

Unless specified otherwise, our monthly meetings will be held at Grace Christian Ministries located at 930 Freemont St., Ft. Myers, FL 33916


 2022-2023 CHESF Monthly Events

   PLEASE, feel free to contact Cynthia Peterson, our Communications Coordinator at [email protected].  She will respond as quickly as possible with additional information. Please peruse our 2022-2023 Monthly Meeting Schedule!!!

August 8, 2022

 Start Your School Year Encouraged and Equipped ~ Iron Sharpens Iron

Grace Christian Ministries

September 10, 2022 ~ Saturday



Lakes Park

Pavillion D1 

October 10, 2022

American History Presentation

with School picture night 

Grace Christian Ministries

November 14, 2022


TBD (tentative Science night)

Grace Christian Ministries

December 2022

CHESF Members

Christmas Party


January 9, 2023

TBD (tentative Weather night)


February 13, 2023

TBD (tentative Family Fun night)

Grace Christian


March 13, 2023



April 10, 2023

Showcase Your Gifts / Officer Elections

Grace Christian Ministries

May 20, 2023

CHESF Commencement CeremonyPending



CHESF Used Curriculum Sale



Public Calendar