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Upcoming Events

Moms' Bible Study    Sign Up
April 20 - Monday
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Park Day
April 23 - Thursday
01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Home Schooling Through High School    Sign Up
Thurs., April 23, 2015
06:30 PM - 08:30 PM

Speech & Debate Regional Tournament
April 29 - Wednesday

Speech & Debate Regional Tournament
April 30 - Thursday

Speech & Debate Regional Tournament
May 1 - Friday

Welcome to

- BCHE - 

Bradley County Home Educators 

Southeast Tennessee

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Come join us for our annual Spring Fling!  Our students will have the opportunity to show off their gifts and accomplishments this year through a Talent Show, an Art Show, and a Scholastic Show.  Watch the forums for more details and info from our great group of organizers.  Doors will open at 5:00 so that everyone has plenty of time to enjoy all the art and projects displayed.  See the calendar for more details.

The following is just a sample list of events our members
enjoy throughout the year.
Please consider joining BCHE today!


MS/HS Film Club, Improv Club

Mom's Bible Study

New to Home School meeting

Home Schooling Through High School meeting

Coolidge Park Water and Play Day

Speech and Debate Tournament

Field Trips

SAT Testing

Senior Graduation

Used Book Sale



BCHE's Park Days is one of our most popular events!  Come out and join other homeschool families from all around the area as we gather together for that "socialization" we all need wink

Young kids love the expansive playground and ball field.  Hordes of middle-schoolers and high-schoolers can generally be found engulfed in a game of ultimate frisbee or capture-the-flag.  Parents congregate under the pavilion and around the playground to chat about curriculum and other homeschool issues.  Non-members are always welcome to our Park Days, so feel free to join us!  

During the school year, Park Days are held at the park behind Westwood Baptist Church in Cleveland, TN, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm on Thursdays, weather permitting.  Just head over to our public calendar to learn more about this event.  (We occasionally have to move at the last minute to a different local park, so it's always best to check the calendar for last minute changes!)

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BCHE is a member-driven, non-profit organization

operating in Bradley County, TN, but we have members

from many surrounding counties and cities.

We are primarily a SUPPORT GROUP whose mission is to help others find joy in their homeschooling journey.  All of activities and events are led by homeschool parents who volunteer their time and effort for the sake of their own families and other homeschool families.

Within our scope of support, we offer our members many activities and opportunities for social and educational interaction. Please enjoy our public pages and public calendar, which lists activities open to non-members. If you decide to become a member you will have access to the private website which is full of activities and events. Among those: Plays, Musical Performances, Clubs, Parties, Social Activities for teens, Used Book sale, Standardized Testing, Yearbook, Members Picnic, Sports Activities, Field Trips, Community Events. 

For full support and fellowship, please consider joining BCHE; you will then have access to field trips, plays, the book sale, annual testing, children's parties, Middle/High School events including a student clubs, co-op, annual field day and picnic, Scholastic books, the lending library, and much more.

The cost for a family membership is $35 from August 1 -July 31. You may join at any time by clicking on Request Membership on the navigation menu located at the top of the page.

Cost for membership from March 15-July 31 is prorated to $15. 

Feel free to contact us at for further questions. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you and your family to help you find joy in your homeshooling journey.

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I'm thinking about Homeschooling!  Where do I begin?

On the left side of this screen are our Public Pages - begin by clicking on the popout menu: New To Homeschooling. Read the first three links, Where Do I Begin? Registering with the LEA, Registering with a CRS.  Start there and you will have a better idea how to proceed. One big difference between homeschooling and public/private schooling: YOU are in charge of your child's education. You MUST make the effort and take the time to do some research and gain a basic understanding of the law and the methods to homeschool legally. After that, you get to decide what, when, and how your child pursues his studies. 

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New to homeschooling and BCHE and don't know how jump in?
A great place to meet other parents and kids during our good weather months is at Park Day on Thursdays. Please look at our Calendar for locations and times.