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Request Membership in this Homeschool Group!

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 Membership requirements: 

  • Military affiliation - active, retired military, or DOD family,
  • homeschooling at least one child who has turned five (5) years old by September 30th of that year. 
  • live in the area presently.

There is an Annual Membership Fee of $20 per family per school year. Our school year runs from Sept 1- August 31. 

This money is used to support the different activities the group provides such as the website, co-op supplies, party supplies, awards and prizes, venue fees, and other miscellaneous expenses the group incurs.

You must pay this fee to the Treasurer within 7 days of your acceptance to the BHE Group. 

It is due annually in Sept for the upcoming calendar year. Joining late: April - July Membership reduced to $15 for that time period, then $20 annually. 

 If payment is not received, you will be taken off the list and cannot participate in the group activities. You may request to join again at any time but will need to pay the Membership Fee before being approved for full membership. 

 Members must hold a military/DoD identification card. Please include in the "message to the administrator" what your military affiliation is.

This group may require other information or dues before approving web site membership.

All members must have a Military/ DoD affiliation. By filling out this form you acknowledge understanding.

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