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If you are applying for a renewal of your Eastside membership, please take a few moments to review our website and read through all sections of the application before signing. Your understanding and agreement of new verbiage about our guidelines is of utmost importance. (And WELCOME BACK!)

If you are new to Eastside and believe that participation in our support group co-op is a good fit for your family, please do the following before applying for membership:

1. Note that Eastside's events (except for some field trips and/or camping trips) are held in the northeast valley (Scottsdale and northeast Phoenix), 

2. Be prepared to pay your membership fee via Paypal upon completion of your application ($40 through August 31, increasing to $50 on September 1 for the balance of the school year), and

3. Be prepared to select at least one volunteer opportunity from the list provided.

In compliance with Arizona law, Eastside Explorers requires that each member family file an "Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool" with the Maricopa County Superintendant of Schools. Click the "Affidavit of Intent" link on the homepage to access the appropriate website.

PLEASE NOTE: On the online application, you will be asked to select the frequency with which you would like to receive emails that are posted on our FORUM (our primary communication method with each member family). If you choose to receive emails IMMEDIATELY, you will receive each forum post individually as it is posted (which allows you to respond more quickly to sign-ups, items for sale in our classifieds section, etc.). If you choose to receive notifications ONCE A DAY, you will receive 24-hour's worth of posts at one time (which reduces the number of emails that you will receive). You are encouraged to make your selections carefully.

If you have questions about membership in Eastside Explorers that are not covered here or otherwise on our website, you are welcome to contact our Membership Team Leader at

Check here if you have read and agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE.

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All Eastside Families 1 - N Phoenix - Desert Ridge + Cave Creek (N of 101)
2 - Central Phoenix / Moon Valley (W of 51) 3 - Phoenix / Paradise Valley (E of 51)
4 - NE Scottsdale - McDowell Mtn Ranch + Pinnacle Peak (NE of 101) 5 - Scottsdale (W of 101)
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Additional Questions:

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Have you filed an Affidavit of Intent to Home School with the Maricopa County Superintendant of Schools Office in accordance with Arizona Law?

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Please take a moment to let us know how you heard about Eastside Explorers: 

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Please check at least one box below regarding your affiliation with Eastside Explorers:

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new to Eastside this year new homeschooler this year
renewing my Eastside membership new to the Phoenix area
prior member of Eastside member of Eastside as a child

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I have read the Honor Code and agree to abide it myself and hold my family accountable as well.

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Each member family is required to volunteer time, talents or experience in order to make our co-op the best it can be for everyone. Please take a few moments to review the following list, selecting at least ONE TEAM on which you would like to serve from the list of teams that still have openings (you may select more than one). Each team will be comprised of several member families, so do not worry that you will have full responsibility for any area listed below. 

You will be contacted by your Team Leader to coordinate your participation.

(1 required)

FALL KICK-OFF TEAM - food organization, games, help with school photos, eScrip/Fry's awareness & registration, EE t-shirt sales, yearbook delivery+sales, set up/clean up

YEARBOOK TEAM - various year-round opportunities: page layouts, family pages, school photos, cover contest, fundraisers and ad sales, yearbook sales, group photographer at Eastside events, junior reporter liaison, administration helps, Yogile photo gallery administration

HOLIDAY PARTIES TEAM - organize one of our parties: Pilgrim's Feast in November, Christmas party in early December, Valentine's party, Easter Celebration, and/or bring food to 2 or more parties, set up/clean up

"EVENING OF THE ARTS" TEAM -  combined Art Fair + Talent Show: food organization, design & print Certificates of Participation, design Talent Show programs, sound/tech booth, set up/clean up

PARK DAYS TEAM - Blessing Table, forum announcements, store & bring Eastside banner, Sports Kidz AZ liaison

MOMS' NIGHTS OUT TEAM - host a Moms' Night Out in your home, bring refreshments to two or more, set up/clean up

FIELD TRIPS TEAM - plan a field trip, receive payments, post reminders on the forum about upcoming trips, website maintenance

SPELLING BEE TEAM - receive sign-ups, call out words, design & print Certificates of Participation + winner's certificate, set up/clean up

PIANO RECITAL TEAM - receive sign-ups, plan order of service, design & print Certificates of Participation, sound/tech booth, set up/clean up

MEMBERSHIP ENFOLDING TEAM - current members who love to welcome new members to Eastside and to answer membership and/or homeschooling questions over the summer and during the school year

MENTOR MOMS TEAM - experienced homeschool moms who would be available in a group setting and/or one-on-one to talk about specific areas, such as: co-ops, teaching an only child, teaching several ages at once, single homeschool moms, moms who homeschool+work, teaching a special needs child, curriculum choices, meal planning & housework, etc.

GOD'S GIRLS TEAM - refreshments, volunteer during meets/outings

TEEN GROUP TEAM - host a teen group meeting in your home, plan a teen group event

E-SCRIP / FRY'S TEAM - raise awareness of the financial benefits to Eastside when our members use eScrip, promote eScrip at our fall kick-off and other appropriate events

TOY EXCHANGE TEAM - help collect and organize toys for the exchange, set up/clean up

CAMPING TRIPS TEAM - help plan spring and/or fall camping trip

MEALS FOR MOMS TEAM - cook meals or send gift cards to Eastside families undergoing any number of life changes, e.g., new baby in the home or illness

PRAYER TEAM - commit to meet once a month with other Eastside moms to pray for our families

T-SHIRTS TEAM - help facilitate t-shirt sales (at Kick-Off and through the month of September) and delivery at Eastside events

BOX TOPS TEAM - create a Box Tops for Education collection box and bring it to Eastside events in which you participate, raise awareness of how we help AFHE with the Box Tops that we collect

WEBSITE ADMIN TEAM - keep our forum updated, suggest new forum categories of interest to members, maintain the "Homeschool Helps & Links" information on a regular basis



If you are a returning Eastside member and checked the Volunteer Opportunities box above which states, "I am already committed," please indicate the team on which you are already committed to serve.

7. *

I understand that Eastside members may take photos of my child(ren) at events in which we participate that may be used in our yearbook and/or on our website.

I agree that our family's participation in Eastside events equals consent for my family's photos to be taken for the above-mentioned purposes.

I further understand that group photos are taken at Eastside events and field trips for the yearbook and website. It is my responsibility to monitor whether or not my children participate in group photos.

yes no

8. *

I understand that Eastside communicates with its many member families via forum posts and emails, and I take responsibility for reading these communications timely in order to stay updated on events, registration deadlines and the many other items of importance regarding my family's membership and participation.

yes no

9. *

I agree to abide by the Forum Guidelines as posted on each forum category on the website, and will honor the other member families with the subject matter and frequency of my posts.

yes no

10. *

I understand and agree to abide by the Participation Guidelines of the group as posted on the website.

(1 required)
Yes No

11. *

I have read the Statement of Faith and agree not to engage in any activity that would be contrary to the beliefs as stated therein.

12. *

I have read the Membership Specifics and agree to abide by the policies contained therein.

13. *

I agree to notify Eastside immediately should my homeschool status change, either by enrolling my child(ren) in a virtual school or any school outside my home. 

yes no

14. *

While every effort is made to provide a healthy, allergy-free environment for all member families, I understand that foods containing peanuts may inadvertently be present at Eastside events. I understand that I am responsible for monitoring my child(ren)'s food choices at all times.

yes no

15. *

I understand that I must be present and responsible for supervising my children at all Eastside Explorers activities (unless I have authorized another parent to act on my behalf).  I agree to be solely responsible for my own safety and the safety of my children at all events.  I will not sue or in any way seek to regain monetary compensation from Eastside Explorers or any other entity for injuries or damages sustained by my children or myself. 

yes no


If there is any additional information that you think we should know about your family or your application, please include it here. This information is shared with our Board of Directors only. Thank you.

17. *

Your electronic signature (typed here) on behalf of your entire family indicates your agreement with the information in this application and is enforceable as such under law. 

Congratulations! You're ALMOST finished!

Please make sure that you make payment via PayPal for the completion of your application.

Thank you and God bless you!

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