Field Trip Policy

Field Trip Policy

This policy goes into effect immediately, any questions or concerns can be directed to the field trip committee or steering team.

  • You must be a PACHEK member or an immediate family member to attend a field trip; any exceptions need to be approved by the coordinator in advance.
  • All field trips will be viewable on the website calendar as it has been done in the past. However, sign-ups will not begin until an appropriate time before the field trip. There will be deadlines that correspond to the time we need to purchase tickets. Notifications will be sent out for sign ups and deadlines.
  • All FREE field trips will require a $5 per family deposit. You will get this deposit back the day of the field trip. If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance, you forfeit the return of your deposit. All money that is not returned will be put into an account to help pay for future field trip deposits or reduce ticket prices.
  • If you give less than 48 hour notice for a ticketed event you will forfeit your ticket. You must let the Field Trip Coordinators know that you won't be attending, so that someone on the waiting list could then purchase your ticket.
  • If you sign up to a field trip but then don't attend or contact the Field Trip Coordinator, then your family will not be able to attend field trips for one semester after the second offense. It makes our group and all homeschoolers look bad when we tell them we will have a certain number attending and less than that attend.
  • All payments and deposits for field trips must be sent to the PACHEK field trips account, which is different from the PACHEK account. The PACHEK field trips account is Any payments sent to the other PACHEK account will not be counted towards your field trip account. You must send it to the account or your sign up will not be completed and you will lose our spot on the trip.

For questions, concerns and cancellations please contact Christi Riggs at (910)578-3297 or Tiffany Thomas at (270)874-0081

We look forward to planning events for you and hope you all enjoy them!
Your field trip committee,
Christi Riggs, Coordinator
Tiffany Thomas, Coordinator
Tiffany Hannu
Frieda Yoder
Maria Minemyer

Kaci Higgins

Karen Peterson