YHSA Park Days

Welcome to the YHSA Park Days page!

Welcome back warm weather! We all missed you. We could not wait to get our children outdoors again!

Park days are an Outreach Program so you DO NOT have to be a YHSA member to come. Come out and chat with veteran homeschooling moms. This is a wonderful way to get some of your homeschooling questions answered, fellowship with other moms who have been there, and a great opportunity for you children to socialize!


(See YHSA calendar for more details.)

June 6th Big Gunpowder -  Bunker Hill location @ 12 pm

June 13th Camp Security in East York @ 12 pm

June 20th  York Township Park Creek @ 12 pm

June 27th Guiford Pinchot @ 12 pm

July 11th Emig Park @ 12 pm

July 7th Red Lion Splash Park @ 1 pm

August 15th York Township Park @ 6:30 pm *New Member Event but anyone is welcome  

August 26th Red Lion Splash Park @ 11 am *New Member Event but anyone is welcome