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22-23 Class Schedule

Registration for 22-23 Classes

You may add/drop classes until July 1, 2022.   After July 1, any class that is registered for must be paid for immediately. 
 Drops after July 1st will result in a 2 month drop fee!!

Once you register for a class, the the first month cost for the class will added to your account on the BACH website.  The September class fees must be paid for no later than July 1st directly to the teacher (see teachers payment prefrence under class description), unpaid classes will be dropped and students will lose their spot in the class.  Please do not pay for classes earlier than June 15th unless you are 100% sure you are keeping the class(es).

Important Notes: 
  • Taking classes with BACH requires some parent volunteer time during the school year and an additional $40 per family church fee for the year.  This is billed to your account in July.
  • There is a MANDATORY meeting for ALL parents and MS/HS students in Sept.  
  • Checking email is a requirement of taking BACH classes for parents and HS students alike.  This our main form of communication and how you and your student will recieve alerts to cancellations and homework assignments as well as all BACH related issues and rule updates.
  • Campus is Closed at lunch students and parents must leave the campus.  Students may NOT walk off campus.
  • Your student MUST be picked up if they have a 1hr gap between classes, they may not stay on campus unattended.

To register:
Log into the BACH website with your username and password
Click on registration, click on 22-23 classes
Click on the class you'd like to register for
Click on the students name located on the right hand side of the box
Click register on the top of the box
Once you have finished registering for classes, check over them by clicking manage class registrations to double check and make changes (cancel/drop out of a class)

To Drop:
Click manage registrations button just above the orange bar
Cllick the cancel box next to the class you want to drop
Scroll down to the bottom and click the cancel box to finalize

Oops I dropped a class I really wanted:
Click manage registrations button just above the orange bar
Scroll to the bottom to canceled classes
Click the sign up box next to the class you want to register for
Click the sign up button at the bottom to finalize

Manage Class Registrations

(22-23) Monday 1.5 hour classes

Manage Class Registrations

(22-23) Monday 1 hour classes

2:25pm - 3:25pm
Elementary ASL -SY 22-23
3rd - 5th

Manage Class Registrations

(22-23) Thursday 1.5 hour classes

8:45am - 10:15am
Room 203
Marine Biology 22-23 SY
9th - 12th

Manage Class Registrations

(22-23) Thursday 1 hour classes

Manage Class Registrations

BACH Sports

BACH Sports Classes
Basketball Class

Manage Class Registrations

Off Campus Class Opportunities

Saturday Wednesday Monday
other facility outside of BACH
Seniors 2024/Graduation
Spanish Classes for All Ages
Kindergarten - 5th