MHEA - Minnetonka Home Educators Association MHEA - Minnetonka Home Educators Association MHEA - Minnetonka Home Educators Association MHEA - Minnetonka Home Educators Association MHEA - Minnetonka Home Educators Association MHEA - Minnetonka Home Educators Association

About MHEA


The Minnetonka Home Educators' Association (MHEA) is a group of Christian home school families joined together to encourage and build one another up. We confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and seek to honor Him daily. 


* Our overall emphasis is to have a Godly approach in all that we do and to cheerfully share our God-given gifts with one another. Members must understand that it is a Christian support group and will be run according to biblical principles. MHEA's statement of faith professing our beliefs can be found on our website.

* Members are encouraged to make attending monthly meetings a high priority so that everyone will receive the full benefit of being apart of MHEA. Meetings are held the first Monday of the month, September through May from 7:00-9:00 pm unless otherwise noted on the calendar. Our March meeting is our annual Experts Night for students.  If you are absent from more than two meetings, your membership status may be reviewed, particularly if there is a waiting list for membership. 

*  Members may invite guests to the monthly meetings, but each guest may attend only one meeting per year.

* We appreciate and encourage members to volunteer within MHEA throughout the year.

* Members should utilize the website as the primary communication source for our group.  Members are responsible for regularly monitoring the website for field trip,and activity information changes and for keeping their own contact information current.

* Members should recognize that we are all ambassadors for Christ and for home schooling families in our community and should act accordingly when organizing and participating in all outside activities.

* Membership dues are $25 per year.  If you are in need of a scholarship please contact leadership.


 * Members must understand and agree that MHEA is not a legally organized corporation, and therefore has no officers.  In all group-sponsored activities, attendees, and members assume liability for their own actions, will not hold group leaders liable, and will rely on their own insurance or other means to cover any accidents which require treatment for themselves or their children.


 * MHEA is led by a volunteer board consisting of: two Lead Coordinators, a Membership/Treasurer Coordinator, a Communications/Website Coordinator, and a Gym Class Coordinator.

* Board members attend approximately three planning meetings each year to monitor progress in meeting the group's objectives listed in the mission statement and to review feedback from our membership.

   * Board members are also given the opportunity to represent MHEA and attend a leaders' conference provided by MACHE for further enrichment.