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Thinking about Homeschooling?


Q: Why
A: We chose because it was an affordable way for our homeschooling group to have a web site. A web site, we felt, was an excellent way to share our group information and stay organized. Most of our families access the internet and had email so it was a logical fit. For the families that did not have the internet or email, they use the Public Library FREE internet access and signed up for a FREE Yahoo email address. Our web site allows us to easily schedule all our group activities. We used to spend countless hours organizing our information, planning field trips, preparing newsletters and mailing and answering questions. Now, with, scheduling events and keeping our families informed is a breeze.
We would encourage all our families to take advantage of the family web pages. The kids have a great time learning how to design web pages!
Q: We are considering home schooling our child.  Where do we begin?

I frequently suggest two resources for beginning home schooling. The first is Diana Johnson's The Starting Point.  You can read some of the chapters on-line at

The second resource is the WEB.  Start with Home School Legal Defense Association's is a great place.

There is a world of information and curriculum out there for the Christian home school family. Be careful not to get overwhelmed all at once! It is a good idea to list your goals at the onset. For instance, some of our family goals are to raise our boys with a Christian world-view, to be close as a family, and to customize the material to fit our boys' academic needs and interests.

It is also helpful to know that there are different approaches to home schooling. "School-at-home" curriculum is a subject-by-subject approach, like you would find in most schools. You work on science for 45 minutes, then Math, etc. This approach takes several hours (or more) each day, and can be less intimidating for the parent. You can do it all on the Internet, from CD ROM, from books, or even as a part of a "class room" with a teacher and counselors. There are really great resources out there.

In "Unit studies" almost all your subjects are centered around a theme, with the possible exception of math and phonics for younger children. For example, one study we did was on light. We read about the Light of the World (Bible), we studied prisms (science), we drew rainbows (art), we read about light houses (history / literature / geography). You get the idea. This approach usually takes less time, is more fun for all and seems to cement the lessons in the child's memory. There are great resources out there that can guide you in this method, or provide all the material for you.

Don't feel that you need to stick to one method for 12 years! Many families mix and match curriculum and experiences. Your child will have different needs, as the family as a whole will also.

Q: How can I get involved in the home school community online, especially around Otsego County?
A: NCH's member-only web pages have Forums for discussions and activity announcements.  We also have a Calendar of events that is very helpful to keep up with all the activities.  We even have Classifieds where you can find curriculum for sale from other families.  Weekly e-mails are sent to members regarding changes made to the web site.  This web site has proven to be a wonderful tool for the home school community to stay connected.

Below, I have listed some other good ways to tap into the home schooling community.

*Home School Legal Defense Association *
This national organization's web site is and they also have a great site for beginning: .
Q: Where can I find some research done about home schooling?
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* Home School Legal Defense Association
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