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Graduation Information
PDF of Graduation Certificate - you fill in the blanks - or change the font etc...
Arts / Music
Gaylord Area Council for the Arts
Find out what is happening in our area concerning any type of Art. Workshops, art shows, music & contests - to name a few.
Science Fair Ideas & More
Science Equiptment and Supplies
Language Arts / Grammar
Daily Grammar
Sign up to recieve daily grammar lessons and review past daily grams - very helpful site.
Math Curriculm & Tools
Reference / Information
A site you can use as an encyclopedia or dictionary.
Library Reference
General information
Has a lot of information, but it is not Christian based. Good movies as well as resource material.
MIchigan Merit Curriculum
The State of Michigan has enacted a rigorous new set of statewide graduation requirements that are among the best in the nation
Curriculum / Planning & Lesson Informaion
Math & Science Plans & Forms
Great lesson plans and forms for saxon math and Apologia Science. Highly recommend it.
Lesson Plans - all grades
Home School reviews
Education & reviews
Educational Information
Buy & Sell Curriculm
Buy & Sell
If you spend $75.00 shipping is free. There is also a curriculum guide you can read for free on your computer
They have a lot of hands-on learning materials and free shipping for web-based orders of over $100
Homeschooling Information
We love the story hour tapes they sell and I Readers love the monthly e-newsletter they send. It's full of homeschooling wisdom and sales. They also have a long list of used books for sale.
The Physics Classroom
University of North Carolina lesson plans for ALL areas of study - broken dodwn by grade levels. Includes lesson plans and links to the materials needed.
History / Geography
History and Geography
Living History
Living Principles of History CDs are one of our favorite history resources. They are available to buy at which is great site if you enjoy living books.
The CDs and tapes are "America's Christian heritage brought to life".
Educational / Field Trip / Misc
Whitefish Point Bird Observatory
Located adjacent to the Whitefish Point Management Unit of Seney National Wildlife Refuge, the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory (WPBO) documents the chronology and volume of migrating bird populations through the Whitefish Peninsula Migration Corridor. Being the northeastern tip of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Whitefish Point is a phenomenal concentration spot for migrating raptors, waterbirds, and song birds. the surrounding land and water features create a natural corridor, funneling thousands of birds directly to the Point each spring and fall as they travel thorough the Great Lakes region.
The Youth Side
Coloring Pages
Coloring pages for kids.
Veggie Tales
Veggie Tales activity page for kids.