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Mission:  Victorious Homeschoolers Cooperative (VHS) is a Christian faith based, nonprofit organization.  VHS was formed for the purpose of giving children the opportunity to interact with other homeschooling families in a classroom setting, in order that they might learn about the world around them in ways that are better taught in a group setting or by an expert in a particular area.  Our desire is to create great friendships and unity for our families; to provide a place for our children to play, learn, and ultimately, grow together. 

Fees: For information please contact us at

We offer classes that meet in the fall and spring. Each semester is a unique collection of learning opportunities depending on the interests of the parents and students. Membership in VHS CO-OP is required in order to enroll in classes. Parents must participate and be present on the premises at all times.  All of our members must be willing to teach a class.  Each semester, our members submit a class proposal for each child they have enrolled in the co-op.  If the class submitted would be appropriate for the ages of more than one of their children (3-5 year olds and 5-7 year olds, for instance), members may submit a single class rather than multiple classes. Classes are voted on by members before our final schedule is produced. The most popular choice of each family's submitted classes will be used for the final schedule, so that no member bears responsibility for more than one class. Here is a sampling of past co-op class offerings: Silly Science, Read between the Lines, Creative Writing, Sewing, P.E., Tap Dance, Art, Drama, Itty Bitty Book club, Hands in Action, Music, Messy Concoctions, K-nex, Snap Circuit, Weather Kids. 

Leadership: VHS Co-Op board is made up of co-operative members who've volunteered their time and energies toward the position.  Leadership rotates on a yearly basis and is determined by members' willingness to volunteer for the positions and by a vote of members.