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Member Guidelines


When participating in activities, classes and functions, we represent not only VHS Co-op, but also all homeschoolers. We want to be courteous, attentive, and arrive promptly so that the teacher, leader, or host will be encouraged to welcome us and other homeschoolers in the future. For these reasons, we agree to this list of guidelines for our member families and their guests, which apply when attending any field trip, class, or other activity.   These items are also listed in the By-laws and are highlighted here again so that we are more aware of them.

General Guidelines:

- When participating in a field trip, class, or other activity, children attending should be age appropriate to that activity.

- The children should be able to be attentive and follow directions so that they are not a distraction to the teacher, host, or to the rest of the group.

- Students are required to remain in the group setting at all times while attending the function.

- When attending an event or classes, all members should remain in the areas designated for that particular activity and be respectful of the premises.

- No alcohol, profanity, offensive language, or offensive conduct will be allowed.

- Members are to promote unity within the group through words and conduct.

- Members are expected to show respect to all adults and youth present.

- Clothing should be appropriate for the activity or field trip.  This refers to clean and modest clothing.

- Members are to keep phone list and other group listings confidential.  They are for members only.  If a non-member asks for a phone number or email of a member, please take the non-member’s information and pass it along to the member.

Co-op Policy and Procedures:

Parent/Guardian Responsibility: Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child/children during co-op at all times. It is imperative that your child/children be supervised at all times. Even if you are okay with allowing your child to be unsupervised, VHSC is not.

Parent Policy: It is our goal to provide a nurturing environment where parents and children can come together to foster learning and fellowship. To that end, VHS Co-op is not a drop-off activity and you should plan to remain at co-op each day with your children. You may not leave the premises when your children are in class except in case of illness or emergency. Should you be required to leave, there must be an adult on the premises whom you mutually designate (in writing) to take responsibility for your children in your absence. You must notify a board member should you need to leave the premises. The board will not assume responsibility of or for any child in the parent’s absence.

Dropped Class: Requests to drop a class must be made by the second class day. Material fees will not be refunded nor will any supplies be provided. The only exception is if the material fee includes a kit, in which case the kit will be provided.  If you child will be moving to a new class, payment for the new class is required.

Class Start Time: Classes begin promptly at their scheduled time. It is imperative that your family make every effort to be present at the beginning of each class period so as to not disturb a class in progress. Late entry is not permitted if the classroom door is closed. Excessive tardiness will be addressed individually.

Job Assignment: We need your help to make the day a success for our children. We need classroom assistants, hallway monitors, morning set-up crew, and an end of day clean-up crew to make the day run smoothly. Assignments are given as fairly as possible, taking into consideration each family's time spent at co-op. Please help by performing whatever task is assigned to you.

Classroom Etiquette: Appropriate classroom behavior is expected both from students. This will be strictly enforced by both the instructor and the leadership team. If you must take a phone call, please excuse yourself from the classroom. A teacher or classroom monitor may ask you to be quiet or leave the room if you are distracting to the learning process. We also ask that each of the students promote an attitude of honesty, respect and integrity with each other. No disorderly or disrespectful behavior or misuse of the facilities will be tolerated. No eating will be allowed during classes, only during the designated brake time.

Outdoor Play: Parental supervision is required for any student utilizing the grassy areas and playground outside the facility. We encourage families whose children require a physical outlet to take advantage of the outdoor areas. No child should ever be unsupervised by the Parent/Guardian during outdoor play.

Payments Due:

It is important to turn in all payments due in a timely manner by the deadlines set.  All payments should be remitted to the Treasurer by Paypal.  No fees will be pro-rated or refunded.  Should the bank return a member’s payment, the member will be responsible for replacing the amount due as well as reimbursing the group for any related charges assessed by the bank.

Respect of Facility:

It is a privilege for us to use the Host Location for our co-op, so let’s treat it with respect (no rough-housing indoors, no running, etc.) Only building areas designated for the Co-op are available for our use.

If something is not working, out of order, accidentally broken or messed up, please tell a teacher or leader immediately. They will inform the Host Location of the situation. If something breaks due to carelessness, the member may be required to help correct the situation.

Illness Guidelines:

We strongly believe that the health of our families far outweighs the benefits of a few hours of socialization (or even education). A child/adult must be free of all symptoms listed below for at least 24 hours before they can be admitted to class or allowed to participate in a Co-op activity, unless a doctor has cleared them.

Any illness that renders your child unable to participate comfortably in daily activities

Fever—AND sore throat, rash, diarrhea, earache, irritability or confusion.



Body rash with fever

Sore throat with fever and swollen glands

Severe coughing

Yellowish skin or eyes

Any other communicable illnesses (skin infections, childhood diseases—chicken pox, measles, etc.) Child or adult must be on antibiotics for at least 48 hours and/or have started or completed treatment per doctor’s orders.

If you or your children arrive with any of these symptoms, we will ask you to go home. This policy is for the protection and comfort of you, your child and the other members of the group. Thank you for your cooperation.

Right to Refuse or Revoke Memberships:

In order to maintain harmony in our group and for the protection of all our member families, the leadership of VHS Co-op does have the right to refuse or revoke memberships.