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VHS Bylaws

VHS Bylaws

Victorious Homeschoolers Cooperative, Inc. Bylaws & Rules and Regulations

Victorious Homeschoolers Cooperative By-Laws

1. Statement of Faith

Victorious Homeschoolers Co-op is a Christian faith based nonprofit organization. We believe that:

-All Scripture is God inspired and therefore infallible and inerrant. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

- There is one God existing in three persons-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19

- Jesus is God’s only begotten Son. John 3:16

- Jesus, the Son of God, was born of a virgin. Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 1:26-38

- Jesus died on the cross for all the sins of humankind and then rose from the dead on the third day. Romans 5:8

- Everyone has sinned. Romans 3:23

- God has provided salvation for everyone through Jesus, by allowing His blood to be shed, to provide forgiveness for sins. Romans 3:25 and Hebrews 9:22

  1. Membership & Fees

A. Members will be required to follow rules and regulations at all times.

B. Membership is open for a specific amount of time. After this, a waiting list of interested persons is maintained.

C. Once a family is a part of the Co-Op, they may pre-register their membership for the following session with $30 early registration Membership dues.

D. Non-refundable Membership dues for each session will be $30 per family for early registration and $50 per family for late registration. Membership dues do not including the facility rental fee, which is due at the same time as class registration fees. Normally, facility rental fee is $30 per child per session. The expected number of Co-Op days will be 10-12 per session, determined at session planning by the Board.

E. Membership Dues will be used for general supplies and equipment for the Co-Op classes.

F. Funds left over from the previous sessions will be used for additional supplies, costs and things needed as decided by the Board members.

G. Additional fees will be assessed to cover the cost of materials for a particular class if not part of the general supplies.

H. An annual “gratitude project” to benefit our host location is highly recommended.

I. All payments MUST be made by Paypal, check or by cash and are non-refundable.

3. Class Selection & Registration

A. The Co-Op President will call a planning meeting prior to each session for the purpose of selecting classes (which have been voted for by the membership) and registering students. Each returning family shall present at least one class proposal per age group of their child(ren) to be reviewed by the Board for each new session and later voted on by the membership.

B. During this planning meeting, nominations for classes that will be taught will be determined by the board based on the voting results by the membership. Interest, availability, and space determine the final class schedule, determined by the Board.

C. After classes have been selected, a date will be given for all families to enroll. Previous members will be given priority, followed by new interested families.

4. Advisory Board

The Co-Op Advisory Board will be made up of President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

5. Duties of Officers


Host Location Relations: Maintain communication and relations with the Host Location. Providing dates to the host location that the co-op will be in session and communicating via email/phone.

Meetings: Shall preside at all Co-Op Advisory Board Meetings and planning meetings, will be the liaison to the Victorious Homeschoolers Board of Directors

New Member Relations: Will make sure that all members have registered properly including, but not limited to; signing the proper forms, will delegate other jobs and projects as needed. Maintain a waiting list of potential new members. Email/follow up with new members with procedures to become members. Communicate requirements to potential new members.

Website Updates: Remove non-returning members; send approval/denial email to those requesting membership.

Class Registration: Keep track of families registering in the correct age group.

Budget: Meet with the Treasurer to create a budget and to close out accounting books at the end of each semester.

Followups: With Secretary to make sure all new members have turned in required forms; with Secretary regarding filing State forms; with Treasurer regarding purchase of supplies; with Treasurer to ensure all families have paid all dues; with Treasurer to ensure all bills are paid; with Treasurer to review accounting records; with person coordinating field trip and the person coordinating the end of the year party.


Meetings: Shall keep minutes at all Co-Op Advisory Board Meetings and assist the President and Treasurer as needed, will keep a file for each family and family member registered, and will follow up with emails and any information between board and Co-Op members.

Class Registration: post classes up to vote; post final class schedule and classes to register; make sure kids are registered in correct classes. Process change of class requests.

Website Duties: Send weekly emails to the group with various reminders/deadlines; post any new forms to the website; update the map of classes for the new session; take notes at all meetings; file State and Federal Forms annually.


General: Shall receive all dues for the Co-Op and work with Victorious Homeschoolers for deposit and disbursement of funds as approved by the Advisory Board, shall also work with the Secretary and the President to keep files and memberships lists up to date.

Membership Dues, Rental and Class Fees: Update accounting records to reflect Membership dues, rental and class fees due and collected; confirm that all families have paid required dues and follow up with those that have not. For class change requests, update accounting records to reflect new changes. Email Secretary active member list.

  • PPA’s: Process requests for Payment Plan Agreements (PPA’s)
  • Email teachers budget amount for their class(es).
  • Process expense reports
  • Accounting and Record-keeping: Track all payables and receivables.
  • Keep budget up to date and review regularly

Banking: Make deposits and withdrawals as necessary; Maintain bank register and complete account reconciliation. Order checks when necessary and maintain Paypal account. Write checks for necessary expenses.

Purchases: Purchase supplies needed for each new Co-Op session; purchase gift cards and gift baskets for end of session party.


  • Create a calendar for each session (Secretary to update calendar on the web site)
  • Create a final class schedule
  • Assign Co-Teachers to classes
  • Attend Meetings - at a minimum, there are two meetings prior to the beginning of the session and one meeting every week on Mondays while Co-Op is in session.
  • Have Co-Op members vote on any changes before they are made to the By-Laws.
  • Follow up with members as needed.
  • Ensure families do not miss more than 3 Co-Op days
  • Should the President not be available, the Secretary and Treasurer will step up in the President’s place and complete all duties listed as needed.
  • In case the co-op dissolves, all remaining funds will be donated to the Host Location where Co-Op was being held.

6. Duties of the Membership

In order for VHS Co-Op to be successful, the members of the Co-Op will have the opportunity to serve in various areas that are necessary for the Co-Op to function. Members will have the opportunity to sign up for the area of service needed on a first-come-first-served basis. The areas of serving include, but not limited to:

  • Make door signs
  • Make classroom bins
  • Order T-Shirts (if needed)
  • Keep calendar up to date
  • Create attendance sheet
  • Maintain supply inventory
  • Remove non-returning members from the Facebook Page
  • Create and maintain set-up and clean-up crews
  • Events (spirit days, holiday activities, field trips, fairs, end of session party, etc.) can be a committee of 2 or 3 to help plan the events, or each event can have 1 coordinator working independently
  • Assisting Treasurer with collecting payments and distributing receipts
  • Monitoring website forum to ensure any questions are being answered


Victorious Homeschoolers Cooperative

Rules and Regulations


1. Membership dues for the session will be paid to the Co-Op Treasurer no later than the specified due date. Payments can be made via Paypal, cash, or by check (make checks payable to Victorious Homeschoolers Co-Op). Any additional fees for specific classes and facility rental during the session will be assessed as required.

2. The parents will be given a supply list for each class to purchase prior to class start date. These supplies are separate from the class fees. Each family is responsible to bring their own supplies.

3. This Co-Op will meet on Mondays from 9:30am- 3:15pm at Host Location classrooms.

Our schedule is as follows:

9:30 – 9:45am FAMILIES ARRIVE

9:45am – 9:50 am Morning Assembly
9:55am - 10:55 am 1
10:55am - 11:10 am BREAK
11:10am - 12:10pm 2
12:10pm - 1:00pm LUNCH
1:00pm - 2:00pm 3
2:00pm - 2:15pm BREAK
2:15pm - 3:15pm 4
3:15pm - 3:30pm CLEAN UP

**All families must vacate the building by 3:30 PM.

4. Check-in promptly at the required time assist with classroom set-up. Each age group will begin promptly with morning prayer.

5. Consistent attendance is expected of each family. Three (3) non-illness related absences from a family will result in termination from the Co-Op. Excessive absences may result in exclusion of offending student from End of Semester Performance. If an emergency requires your absence, first contact the class teacher/co-teacher, and a Board member as soon as possible. Vacations are counted as absences, so you will want to consider this prior to your semester registration. No infectious sickness is permitted on campus. The Board reserves the right to review situations on a case by case basis.

6. In case of a family emergency or illness, another adult who will be responsible for your school aged children may bring them to Co-Op (the adult must stay on the campus). Please inform the Co-Op President of these arrangements. A preschool aged child will not be permitted to attend Co-Op without the presence of a parent.

7. In case of an emergency or an extenuating circumstance, your family may take a leave of absence for one session with the option of returning without going on the waiting list for the next session only.

8. A one session probationary period will apply to all families new to the Co-Op. Consistently not fulfilling student, parent, and teacher expectations will result in termination of Co-Op membership.

9. For all Co-Op membership, in the case of an event arising which requires disciplinary action:

A. For violation of Membership Guidelines, not teaching as planned, not attending Co-Op,
or causing discord, the family will be given a verbal request to correct the issue immediately.

B. Should the verbal request not result in a correction of the issue(s) right away, the family will be
given a written warning that the next time the stated issue occurs; the Board will respond with a
revocation of the Co-Op membership for that family.

C. Should disciplinary action occur, resulting in revocation of membership, future re-admittance
into the Co-Op will be treated the same as with all new applications submitted from new
families, with no guarantee of membership approval. The Board will make membership
decisions through prayer and deliberation, with the best interest of the Co-Op in mind when
making these decisions.

Notwithstanding the above, the Board reserves the right to revoke membership should there be a violation of the Member Guidelines, without warning, depending on the severity of the violation.

10. Families coming for less than full day participation should arrive 10 minutes prior to class starting.

11. We want this to be a great success where the children learn, socialize and grow! With the Lord’s heart, His guidance and your dedication to: be prepared, show up as planned, and fulfill your duties, as outlined in the By-Laws, on a consistent basis. If you are unable or unwilling to agree to this, this Co-Op may not be a good fit for your family. Please pray about whether or not this is the Lord’s will for your family at this time.

12. Suggestions are always welcome. They should be submitted in writing or via email to a board member.


1. Please ensure that your child is consistently prepared for class with regard to supplies, homework and attitude.

2. Please model respect and responsibility by arriving promptly and working cooperatively for classroom setup.

3. Each family must have a parent present during their class times and while Co-Op is in session to participate in the classes. For safety, children must stay with their assigned teacher(s) or parent at all times.

4. Everyone will assist in the clean-up of Host Location. We will leave the building in BETTER condition than we found it.

5. Please remember that children mature and learn at different rates. If a teacher identifies a child’s inability to successfully participate, the teacher will ask the parents to discuss a possible class change with the Co-Op President, with the best intentions of the student and class in mind.

6. Students will only be permitted to change class choices by the 2nd week of the Co-Op semester, only if there is room in the class requested and it does not bring the current class below the minimum student registration requirement. The change must be approved by the Board before it can be made. Please keep in mind that fees paid for the original class cannot be refunded and fees for the new class will need to be paid. A form requesting the change will need to be submitted before any changes are approved.

7. This is a give and take. You give your time & participate at some level and you take by being blessed with your child(ren) getting the benefit of these classes with different teachers and students in the classroom setting. All adults are expected to put forth good effort so that all students receive the best experience possible per class.


1. Teachers should serve as a witness to students of Christ’s love through their words and actions in the classroom.

2. Every class should start with a prayer.

3. Communicate class requirements to aid in class selection at the time you fill out the iProposal form on the website. Please include:

  • Supplies needed (in full detail: amount needed, Color, type, size, etc.)
  • Grade level focus
  • Homework assignments
  • Classroom participation
  • Class size limitations
  • Additional class costs

4. Have a Syllabus ready for the class being taught, the 1st week of class. It should include detailed descriptions of what will be taught during each class of the session. This syllabus shall be distributed to each participating student for records. If your lesson plans change during the semester, an updated syllabus will be required. This syllabus should be passed out during the last week of the session.

5. Communicate in writing (hard copy or email to parents) homework assignments and provide students with your phone number or email. Be available to answer questions or give assistance outside the classroom as needed.

6. Each class will have a budget for expenses. The board will determine the amount depending on the class. Any extra expense spent by the teacher will be considered a donation from the teacher to the Co-Op and the board is not responsible for any reimbursements.

7. Requests for additional supplies, approval of guest speakers, additional co-teachers, or any other special needs can be made to the Co-Op President.

8. Please remember that teachers are to take care of their own photocopy requests, and all photocopy expenses will come out of the class budget.

9. Reimbursements for supplies will be handled accordingly:

  • Teachers purchase all the supplies in advance, using their own money and then submit documentation for reimbursement, which includes an expense form and original receipts submitted electronically or on hard copy and given to the Treasurer.
  • They must keep all original receipts and label each one with their full name, address and class name.
  • The original receipts must then be given to the Co-Op Treasurer BY THE END OF THE 4th WEEK OF CLASS and they must wait for reimbursement. Please allow 2 weeks for reimbursements to be submitted.

10. All reimbursed supplies become the property of the VHS Co-Op and must be returned by the last week of Co-Op.

11. Teachers are responsible for overseeing the clean-up of the rooms.

12. If a teacher identifies a child’s inability to successfully participate, the teacher will ask the parents to discuss a possible class change with the Co-Op President.

13. When being absent is necessary, please notify your Co-Teachers as soon as possible so arrangements can be made. Please notify one of the board members of these or any other substitute arrangements. In case of an emergency, please contact one of the board members as soon as possible.

14. Mothers with infant/toddler age children who are assigned to teach have the following options:

  1. Find a friend to take care of the child while you teach. If you are confident that your child will not interfere with your teaching responsibilities, you may take him/her to class with you. If you choose this option and he/she becomes disruptive, you must be prepared to place him/her in the nursery (if available) or otherwise provide for his/her care. If this is a problem, you may exercise your option to take a one-session leave of absence.

Please be aware of the procedure we will take in addressing disrespect or misbehavior in the classroom or any other setting on Co-Op days:

  1. If a teacher or other adult sees a child misbehave or being disrespectful to God, others or the Host Location facilities, the adult will verbally correct the child, in love. He or she will help the child understand what he or she has done wrong, and how to correct the situation.
  2. The adult will then inform the child’s parents of the incident.


Co-Teachers should serve as a witness to students of Christ’s love through their words and actions in the classroom.

1. Arrive on time and ready to assist, refraining from distracting tasks such as use of cellular or tech devices.

2. Be willing to assist however and whenever the Teacher needs assistance. Some examples are listed below but not limited to these things:

  • May include sometimes teaching a class, as directed by the Teacher, or in case of the Teacher's absence.
  • Help passing out papers.
  • Help with experiments during class.
  • Help keep the kids attentive in class.
  • Walk children to the bathroom if needed.
  • Assist in handling any emergencies that may arise, including running for help, calling for assistance, help finding parents, etc.

3. Co-Teachers are responsible for assisting in the cleanup of the room before leaving for the next class.


1. All students should bring a backpack/book bag marked with his/her name. All supplies required by the teachers should be brought each week. Students are responsible for keeping their bags and items at home and at the Co-Op.

2. All students are expected to maintain respectful behavior toward God, teachers, other students and the Host Location facilities. Teachers will address behavior problems and will take unresolved problems to the parent.

3. All homework and classroom assignments are to be completed on time.

4. Should there be offices and people working in the same area we are holding Co-Op classes; all students need to be respectful of the Host Location staff, to include but not be limited to:

A. Keeping voices to a minimum (preferably whisper) when in the hall

B. Walking, no running or horse playing, in the halls

C. When in the class room avoid leaning or running in to the walls and use your inside voice.

  1. Any academic or behavior issues will be forwarded to the Co-Op President for resolution.
  2. Children under 12 are not allowed outside the building or in the halls unless accompanied by an adult.