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Leadership Directory

YHSA Board Members are listed in purple.
Volunteer Needs are listed in yellow highlight. 
Contact the Organizer or the Chair to volunteer.
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Coordinator: Dawn Meeks, 717-659-0284, [email protected]

Asst. Coordinator: Nikki Donahue, 717-858-9242[email protected]

Clearance Organizer: Chad Kirkessner, 717-205-6131[email protected]

Coffee Crate OrganizerSheena Lapratt, 702-622-4934, [email protected]

Evaluator List Organizer: Nikki Donahue, 717-858-9242, [email protected]

HSLDA LiaisonDawn Sylvester, 717-840-8228[email protected]

Volunteer of the Month Coordinator: Anna Meeks, 717-881-6616, [email protected]

Secretary: Jessica Kruzinski, 717-565-0757, [email protected]

Treasurer: Martha Young, 717-654-6407, [email protected]

Asst.Treasurer: -VACANT- 

Box Tops Organizer: -VACANT-

Hershey Park Fundraiser: Carrie Kling, 717-428-1279[email protected]

Membership Chair: Lori Gutfleisch, 717-781-3037, [email protected]

Membership Processing & Records: Anna Meeks, 717-881-6616, [email protected]

Communications Chair: Anna Meeks, 717-881-6616, [email protected]

Facebook ModeratorNikki Donahue, 717-858-9242, [email protected]t

Public Relations Organizer: Valerie Veinotte, 207-710-4094[email protected]

Outreach Chair: -VACANT- In the meantime, contact the specific Outreach Organizer or the Assistant Coordinator.

Facilities Organizer: Mary Oles, 717-793-7259, [email protected]

Support Groups OrganizerJennifer Feeser, 717-600-2955, [email protected]

Home Education Law in PA (HELP) Speaker: Nikki Donahue, 717-858-9242[email protected]

Homeschooling High School SpeakerNicole Braswell, 717-758-2947[email protected]

Park Days Organizer: Valerie Veinotte, 207-710-4094[email protected]

Seminar Organizer: Joy Snook, 717-246-2374[email protected]

YHSA Homeschool Expo Organizer: -VACANT-

Resource Chair: Misty Kirkessner, 717-891-3465, [email protected]

Cap & Gown ClosetMisty Kirkessner, 717-891-3465, [email protected]

Curriculum ClosetNicole Braswell, 717-758-2947[email protected]

Dress ClosetDawn Meeks, 717-659-0284, [email protected] 

Librarian: Anna Meeks, 717-881-6616, [email protected]

Science EquipmentJennifer Hull, 717-384-8908, [email protected]

Events Chair: Rachel Shearer, 717-424-1174[email protected]

Book Swap Organizer: Liz Kehr, 717-843-4178[email protected]

Fall Teen Dance Organizer: Dawn Meeks, 717-659-0284, [email protected] 

Field Day & PE Equipment Organizer: Tanya Hershey, 717-306-8286[email protected]

Graduation Organizer: Dawn Meeks, 717-659-0284, [email protected]

Ladies Tea Organizer: Lori Gutfleisch, 717-741-9331[email protected]

Member Picnic Organizer: Lori Gutfleisch, 717-741-9331[email protected]

Spring Formal Organizer: Kim Tortolano, 830-261-1442, [email protected]

Small Groups Chair: Maureen Garver, 717-781-3971, [email protected]

Archery Club Organizer: Anna Meeks, 717-881-6616, [email protected]

Chess Club Organizer: Lisa Littman, 717-501-4537, [email protected]

ChickFilA Leader Academy Facilitator: Brian Kannel, 717-848-1700, [email protected]

Choir Organizer: Brandy Scantling-Latchaw, 717-487-4265[email protected]

Envirothon Organizer: Sally Bacon, 765-744-4123, [email protected]

Field Trip Director: Daphne Minkus, 717-683-4280[email protected]

Heritage Co-op Director: Nikki Donahue, 717-858-9242, [email protected]

Mock Trial Organizer: Kimberly Miller, 717-738-6821, [email protected]

Newspaper Club Director: Maureen Garver, 717-781-3971, [email protected]

Soccer Organizer: Jon Cirillo, 717-320-2335, [email protected]