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PIONEERS 6 - 12th Grade

PIONEERS homeschool co-op provides a great spring-board to prepare students for higher learning. When we first started, many years ago, our goal was to help homeschoolers continue to educate through the high school years. That is still our goal. Many of our students have gone on to college and have excelled in writing, science, foreign languages, or whatever their chosen course of study. After so many years, we are now beginning to see some of our first homeschoolers bringing their children to PIONEERS.

About Our Classes

PIONEERS 6th-12th grade level tutorial classes will cover a general 36-week curriculum during our 28-week co-op year. We offer an extensive variety of classes in the core disciplines, English, Foreign Languages, Math, Science (including wet labs at each level), Social Studies, plus several Electives to choose from.

Class time consists of instruction, labs, lectures, guest speakers, projects, exams, etc. All of our classes offer a small student/tutor ratio and are taught by tutors who love what they are teaching. Tutorial classes at the 6th-8th grade level, require about 3/4 hour homework per day. At the 9th-12th grade level the requirement will be about 1-1/2 hours per day. Both the middle school and high school program also offer a variety of enrichment classes to choose from that do not require any homework.

In the 6th-12th grade level, families are required to volunteer 4 - 8 hours of their time, spending 1 or 2 days working each year. For more information on classes please contact us.