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Parental Commitment



How much will I need to work?

Firmly Planted is a working co-op. On average, co-op is a 5 hour, weekly commitment for everyone. Everyone needs to be available the whole time their children are participating in co-op.

Where will I work?

It takes many people to keep the co-op running smoothly. From teachers to nursery and clean-up, every part is essential. Your assignments will be based as much as possible on the preferences indicated on your Teaching/Assistant Survey.

What will be required of me?

All of our contributing adults teach, assist, or serve in some capacity during our co-op day.  Becasue we are a cooperative, we need and utilize everyone's skills and abilities to make Firmly Planted Homeschool Co-op a success.  

Can I leave the campus during co-op?

Firmly Planted Co-op is a cooperative effort by the parents; it is NOT a drop off situation—meaning that every child enrolled must have a participating adult on campus for the entirety of our co-op day.

What if I go out of town or have an appointment?

Obviously, the co-op runs most smoothly when everyone is present, so we need to schedule other activities around co-op day whenever possible. However, since some things cannot be avoided, the following policy should be followed.  Contact the Staffing Coordinator about your absence so that arrangements can be made to fill your place. We only allow 2 excused absence. If you know there will be more than 2 missed days for the term. Please be courteous and don’t join until you can commit to the full 10 weeks

What if someone in my family is sick?

Please do not miss Firmly Planted Co-op classes unless you or one of your children is ill.  Out of an abundance of caution, if anyone in your home is not well, please keep everyone home. As soon as you are aware that you will not be able to attend, please call our Staffing Coordinator.

It is our prayer that we all will have a servant attitude and view the co-op as an opportunity to help one another.