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Five Core Values of FCNT


Evangelistic in Nature

It is our belief that FCNT should function much like the local church; and therefore we do not require that members are Christians.  Co-ops provide a wonderful opportunity for families to share the love of Christ with those around them!  FCNT is a Christian ministry and as such we require that parents who teach, and co-op leadership, sign the FCNT Statement of Faith.


Committed to Teaching God’s Word

FCNT is committed to equipping its students with solid, foundational understanding of the truths of the Bible.  This is done through chapel time before classes begin, offering classes that teach scripture, and equipping parents through Bible study.


Collaborative in Style

FCNT does not compete with other co-ops.  We share what we have!  This includes new ideas, forms, and things that work (or don’t work) in our co-op.  In this way, we foster relationship and grow together.


Generous in Spirit

FCNT never turns a family away for financial reasons.  For this reason, we are a support driven ministry.  Ask our treasurer how you can support the scholarship fund for this ministry!


Exemplary in Stewardship

We believe that it honors the Lord when we leave the facilities we use in better shape than we find them in.  Each class day ends with students and parents working together to clean up the church or facility we use.