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What is Friday School?

Friday School exists to encourage, support, and build up the local community of homeschool families, reaching out in the name of Christ.  We intend to connect homeschooling families within the community, to support one another in our calling of teaching our children.  Our goal is to provide Christian educational experience in small group settings, working in a cooperative manner, with parents fulfilling many different roles within the co-op.  We are here to encourage one another and help instill a lifetime love of learning in each others children.

We meet for a ten week Fall and Spring semester each year.  The day begins with everyone together for chapel where we will have some time in worship and a lesson.  After that we break into our classes where newborn to kindergarteners go to their rooms and 1-12th grades go to their first class.  1-12th graders have three 55 minute classes that they will rotate through as well as a lunch and recess break.  At the end of the day we meet for a quick closing chapel of announcements and prayer, cleaning crew cleans the building, and we head home!


9-9:30             Check in

9:30                Chapel

10:00-10:55    Block A

11:00-11:55    Block B / Lunch

12:00-12:55    Block C / Lunch

1:00-1:55       Block D

2:00               Closing Chapel