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Jobs at Friday School

The co-op depends on each members active participation.  Whether this is teaching, assisting, making coffee, helping with set up, nursery, or cleaning; there is something for everyone!  God has given us all gifts and we ask that you consider where you can help serve.  



If you are currently homeschooling, then you have discovered something wonderful about your calling: you are a teacher!  Teaching at the co-op is a great opportunity for you to bless your children and other children by doing just that.  Parents (dads too!) are encouraged to teach classes on subjects they enjoy and are passionate about.  Twice each year you will have the chance to sign up to teach on a topic that interests you.  While parents who enroll their children are not required to teach, we are dependent on their willingness to do so in order to offer a variety of classes for students.  We ask all teachers to sign a Christian, non-denominational Statement of Faith when they submit their class ideas for review. Those who do not teach will help as assistants in classes.



Assistants are there to help the teacher and are expected to take as active a role in the class as the teacher feels appropriate.  We encourage the teachers to communicate with their assistants what will be the most helpful for their class situation.  We also encourage the assistants to communicate with the teacher to find out what needs that teacher may have.  If the teacher is absent, the assistant will be expected to fill in for them.


Cleaning Crew

Cleaning crew is a very important role at Friday School.  We are blessed to be able to meet at Elmont free of charge and we can bless them in return by leaving the building clean.  Our goal is to leave the church better than we found it and the more people that pitch in the faster it goes!


Other jobs are listed on our Points/Jobs Flowchart.  You will earn points for each job you sign up for and those points will determine the registration order of families.


Remember...many hands make light work!