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FAITH Co-op Classes


Co-op is short for Cooperative Classes. Each semester, FAITH members spend one morning each week in these wonderful, enriching courses. Co-op is a combined effort of homeschooling families to use each others' strengths to teach our children. Classes are taught by parents and family members of FAITH students.

Classes are available for children from preschool to high school in a variety of subjects: history, science, arts, life skills, and a good dose of fun stuff. Moms who are volunteering during classes may leave their babies in the Nursery. A Moms’ Room is also open, so everyone has a chance to socialize during their free time.

Co-op culminates with Presentation Night, a showcase for the students to exhibit all they have learned. Many classes present a skit or song for the parents, while others create displays to be browsed during the fellowship time afterwards. This is always a highlight of the school year for our students.

A special edition of the newsletter is published each semester with complete class descriptions, teachers’ biographies and details that you need to know. General rules can be found in the Co-op Policies and Procedures


Fall 2018 Dates



What to Bring to Enrollment:

Enrollment Form (Don’t forget to have second choices as classes fill quickly!)

Nursery/Toddler Form (if needed)

Special Medical Instructions Form (if needed)

Tution Payment (cash, check, credit or debit)

Box Tops for Education

Cell Phone to take a photo of your completed form (You will forget your kids’ classes in the two weeks before we start. Teachers may photograph their class lists with the understanding that it is a rough draft.)

Teachers should bring a SASE for their class fees. (You are also welcome to stay late after enrollment. Be aware that it may take a couple of hours for the committee to finalize things before making any payments. We can also just deduct a dollar from you payment to cover mailing costs.)

A Sense of Humor Co-op Enrollment can be quite chaotic, as there are lots of new faces and lots of paperwork to take care of. Embrace the craziness of it and meet some new people at the same time!


Other Important Co-op Forms:

Co-op Class Information Form

Permission Slip - A parent or legal guardian of each student must be on the premises at all times during Co-op. In cases of emergency, there is a permission slip that must be completed before the parent may leave the campus. The parent and the adult that will be responsible for the children must both sign this form and deliver it to the Co-op Director.