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Behavior Policy

General Policies:
The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing all LMHSC Policies, finances, and administration of programs, as well as matters pertaining to the health, safety, security, and general welfare of the constituency of LMHSC. trusts that all enrollees will uphold these policies. 

An enrolled family may be removed from enrollment for cause, including non fees, which shall result in automatic termination of enrollment.  Enrollment may be reinstated, if full payment of outstanding balance is paid, plus a late payment fee amounting to 15% of the outstanding balance.  

Any enrolled family may withdraw by filing a written withdrawal with the Board of Directors, but such withdrawal shall not relieve the enrollee so resigning of the obligation to pay any charges due.  Fees paid through the date of resignation are non-refundable.

Dress Code:
Shorts and Skorts:  Must have at least a  3 1/2” inseam
Shirts: Must be at least 2” wide on shoulders (lasagna strap, girls as well as boys)
Must have two straps - no Tarzan Tops
No stomachs or backs showing, even when arms are raised, at any time
Boys must always be wearing a shirt  
No backless or low-cut tops 
No halter tops or tube tops
Skirts and Dresses:  Must be to the top of the knee or below
                               Must be two inches or wider on the shoulder
                               No backless or strapless
Swimsuits: No bikinis
                 Girls must not show midriffs
General Attire: No excessively tight fitting or loose fitting clothing
                      No midriffs showing
                      Must be modest
                      Any person with questionable attire will be asked to change or wear a cover-up

Behavior Policies:
As Christians, the goal of LMHSC is to obey ultimate end of all Bible-centered education is to grow in wisdom and virtue. Therefore, we require our families to exhibit the following minimal personal virtues at any and all LMHSC events and activities.
  • Kindness
  • Truthfulness
  • Courtesy toward others and respect for their property rights.
  • Punctuality in attendance and work.
  • Respect for and obedience to those in authority.
  • Diligence in effort and attention.
Music Policy:
The Board reserves the right to limit or restrict the use of music at LMHSC events or activities.

Prohibited Activities and Items:
Please note, illegal activity will not be tolerated and may result in criminal prosecution.  

Inappropriate contact:
Inappropriate contact of any kind is strictly prohibited at all LMHSC-sponsored activities.

No illegal substances (i.e., narcotics, illegal drugs, etc.) are allowed at LMHSC-sponsored activities.
Substances not considered illegal but which are intended for inappropriate use (i.e., model glue, super glue, etc.) are not allowed at LMHSC-sponsored activities.
The consumption of alcohol is not allowed at LMHSC-sponsored activities.
The use of tobacco products is not allowed at LMHSC-sponsored activities.

Items considered to be weapons are prohibited from being in the possession of any non-adult at all LMHSC-sponsored activities unless specifically required for a group activity, i.e. hunter’s safety class.  

Items of a sexual nature and not part of normal tutorial sessions/semesters (biology, anatomy, etc.) are strictly prohibited at all LMHSC-sponsored activities.  This rule shall apply to printed and electronic material including any graphic or text.  Any content or activity deemed to be pornographic in nature by consensus of the Council,  or by the Board of Directors, shall be regarded as prohibited.

Additional restrictions:
No excessive horseplay.
No bad language.  Language that is generally or reasonably considered to be vulgar, inappropriate in a Christian context, hurtful to the recipient, racial, bigoted, or demeaning is not allowed at LMHSC-sponsored activities.
No hurting others.
No defacing property.

Failure to adhere to these policies will result in:

Offenses shall be handled in the following manner:
  • First offense:  Warning given to child, as well as notification to parent.
  • Second offense:  Child staying with parent for remainder of class, activity or event.
  • Third offense:  Parent meeting with Council, with a possible suspension from that class, activity or event.
  • Behavior that demonstrates a blatant disregard for person and/or property will result in immediate suspension. Criminal behavior is subject to immediate law enforcement notification.  In all cases, offenses deemed severe enough by the Council may be escalated to a greater level of response.  Board of Directors will be notified of such actions within 72 hours.