Mrs. Lisa Zook To All Instructors

Lisa Zook is the wife of Dean and mother to 5 girls. She worked at the Nav Jiwan International Tea Room for 7 years where she loved baking and cooking ethnic foods. Some of her other hobbies include sports, reading, playing games with her children, cooking and eating ethnic foods, and learning about herbs and natural remedies.

Lisa grew up playing softball in her front yard and basketball in the driveway with her 3 brothers. She was recruited for the town girls’ softball team by the coach who kept driving by watching them play. Some of her favorite memories are the years spent playing 1st base and shortstop with the Akron Jox. In high school, she began learning the skills of volleyball and the joy of controlling the ball. Throughout the years she has enjoyed the opportunity of playing on volleyball teams in various rec leagues. 

This will be Lisa Zook’s 17th year as a member of Learning Station. ((Revised for 2024-24)

Current Classes
Culinary Basics* – Instructor (open)
Volleyball I* – Teacher (open)
Volleyball II* – Teacher (open)