Mrs. Miriam Bowers

Miriam Bowers grew up in Lititz and now lives three blocks away from her childhood home with her husband, Steve, and her children, Paul and Paige. She went to college with an English scholarship and majored in Business and Psychology. After graduation, she worked as a marketing director and a preschool teacher before landing her dream job: homeschool mom! She babysits almost every day, so there is usually a bonus infant on her hip, too. In her free time, she loves to read, crochet, and talk theology with her husband. She’s also a fan of chocolate, The Office, Alexandre Dumas, and the Oxford comma.  This will be her third year teaching at Learning Station.  (Edited for 2024-25.)

Mrs. Adrienne Brubaker

Adrienne has been a workout enthusiast for 2 decades. Her passion for fitness includes daily workouts, hiking, biking, climbing, archery,and anything that gets you moving. Her favorite hiking partner at present is her dog Akiva who joins her as they cover miles and miles each week. After multiple health diagnoses, Adrienne realized how important diet and caring for your body was. This combined with her passion for fitness. Each day is a gift, and it is her goal to encourage her students to be the best they can be.  This will be Adrienne's 10th year teaching at Learning Station. (Updated for 2024-25)

Mrs. Ellen Campbell

Ellen Campbell received teaching certificates from the state of New Jersey and the state of Pennsylvania. She is a homeschool evaluator and has taught all ages of students in a wide variety of classrooms and other teaching situations for more than 35 years. She homeschooled her own children for 12 years. Ellen took Writing for Children and Teenagers and Writing Children’s Books from The Institute of Children’s Literature. She was a member of the San Diego County Christian Writers’ Guild and of Lancaster Christian Writers. Ellen has had a few articles published. She really enjoys teaching writing, literature, history, and civics courses. The 2024-25 school year will be Ellen Campbell’s 25th year teaching for Learning Station. (Revised for 2024-25.)

Mr. Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell has Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Civil Engineering and is registered as a Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania and retired Engineer in California and New Jersey. Mark has served as a volunteer judge for the Future City competition and the Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair. He has experience teaching students at many age levels and frequently makes presentations to governmental decision-makers regarding civil engineering projects. He often teaches classes integrating faith and science. In addition to teaching, Mark runs his own consulting engineering business. This will be Mark Campbell’s 12th year teaching for Learning Station. (Revised for 2024-25).

Mrs. Carrie Carpinteyro

While living in Juarez, Mexico for 15 years as a missionary, Carrie received her bachelor’s in Spanish with a minor in Education from the University of Texas at El Paso. During that season of life in Mexico, she got married and started to raise her family in a bilingual setting, and taught multiple month-long Spanish immersion courses for high school students and missionaries. Since moving to Lancaster County, aside from homeschooling her 3 kids she works part-time teaching Spanish and English as a foreign language. She enjoys introducing people to the Spanish language to give them a way to connect with people, and to Latin culture to transport them to new places through their studies. This will be Carrie's 2nd year teaching at Learning Station. (Updated for 2024-25).

Mrs. Roselyn Denlinger

As a homeschool mom of four, Rose understands the importance of being wise with finances. Financial literacy has been a (one) passion of hers for over 10 years as she has learned to discern the importance of handling money the way the Lord has taught us in His Word: stewardship.  Once we understand how we are managers of what God has given us, our relationship with money changes. She desires to teach biblical money habits that will set the students up to navigate this skill in life as they approach adulthood.  This will be Rose's 2nd year teaching at Learning Station.  (Updated for 2024-25.)

Mrs. Stacy Dieffenbach

Stacy Dieffenbach has a passion and love for the outdoors. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Ornamental Horticulture: Landscape Contracting and Management from Delaware Valley College. She had amazing opportunities to intern at the Winterthur Museum & Garden in Delaware, Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania and the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. After working in the field for several years she felt called to earn her teaching certificate which she did through Millersville University in Earth and Space Science and then expanded her qualifications to include Agriculture Science. She was a grade 9-12 Agriculture Education teacher and FFA Advisor for 5.5 years before the birth of her first son. She then was called to the home and later to homeschooling. She is entering her fourth year of homeschooling and is excited to share her love of nature with the students of the Learning Station.  This will be her 5th year at Learning Station.(Revised for 2024-25.)

Mrs. Laura Fahnestock

Raised on a dairy farm in Manheim and on the cusp of graduating from high school, Laura couldn’t understand why her dad didn’t want her to plunge headlong into debt at the local university with an undeclared major. This sage fatherly advice led to a year of volunteer missionary work in Estado de Mexico, Mexico and subsequently fueled Laura’s love of the Hispanic culture and language. After returning from Mexico with renewed vision, Laura attended Millersville University (with the blessing of aforementioned father) and double majored in English and Spanish education with a concentration in English as a Second Language. She wrangled 7th grade ESL students in the School District of Lancaster for 3 years before her oldest son was born. Laura taught Spanish at MACH until she started homeschooling her own children. Laura, her husband Dave, and their 6 children labor to maintain Hands on the Earth Orchard in Brickerville. (Dave does the work, Laura keeps the house from imploding and the children from starving.) A lover of books and a theology nerd, Laura finds great joy in baking, pasta making, and schooling her children in the swoon-worthiness of authentic Mexican tacos. This will be Laura's seventh year teaching at Learning Station. (Updated for 2024-25)

Mr. Kevin Goss

Kevin Goss is a homeschool dad and art teacher for 20+ years, but he has been an artist all his life. He wants to help students understand and reclaim visual art for the glory of God. His teaching is a structured, sequential approach of sharing the “magic trick” behind art techniques for students to draw, paint, design, photograph or sculpt like a natural and develop their own artistic voice.  This will be Kevin's 2nd year teaching at Learning Station. (Updated for 2024-25)

Mrs. Jennifer Hahn

Jennifer Hahn has called Canada; Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands; New Jersey; central PA; Lynchburg, VA; New Philadelphia, OH; and the Lancaster, PA, area “home” at various points in her life. You may want to have a little extra time if you ask her, “Where are you from?” She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology while at Liberty University and married Mark soon after graduating. They have been blessed with three children and are beginning their sixteenth year of homeschooling. She and Mark enjoy serving in the youth ministry of their church. This will be Jennifer Hahn’s 8th year as a member of Learning Station. (Revised for 2023-24.)

Mr. Greg Hershberger

Greg Hershberger has taught school for 20 years in West Virginia, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. He received a B.A. in Psychology from Malone College in Canton, Ohio, his teaching certificate from Oregon College of Education in Monmouth, Oregon, and his permanent teaching certificate from Pennsylvania with a credential in high school math. Over the years, he has taught Business Math, Junior High Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Computers, and Trigonometry. In addition to being a principal and guidance counselor, Mr. Hershberger has been a pastor for 30 years. He has been married to his wife Lois for 43 years and has 3 homeschooled adult children and 8 grandchildren.  This will be Mr. Hershberger's first year teaching at Learning Station. (Revised for 2023-24.)

Mrs. Jacqui Ivey

Jacqui started playing basketball in 3rd grade and continued through and after college. She was a 1,000 point scorer and 2-time Academic All American at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a Division 2 school in western Pennsylvania. She has experience coaching various age groups and enjoys sharing her love of the sport with others.  This will Jacqui's 4th year as a Learning Station member. (Updated for 2024-25)

Mr. Ken Kuhar

Ken Kuhar is the president of the Lancaster County Wood Carver's.  He started carving in 2006.  He particularly enjoys carving caricatures.   As reported in the Lancaster Online, he used the early months of the pandemic to carve every president from Washington to Trump.   The wood carvers have been sharing their talents with Learning Station students for eleven years.  (Updated for 2024-25)

Mrs. Amy Lefever

Amy Lefever started on stage in elementary school performing musical interpreted dance. In high school she spent every day for four years learning in detail how to stage-manage a show, create sets, lighting, sound, and make a production run smoothly. After high school Amy was onstage helping church groups and VBSs. Her drama experience also includes performing in dinner theater and performing skits. Her absolute joy is teaching students to fall in love with the whole process of theater: working together, trusting each other, being comfortable on stage, conveying their story to an audience, and of course being so loud that everyone in the theater can hear their story clearly. Amy has worked with six Learning Stations productions and has led storytelling, readers theater, and skit classes for elementary and middle school students. Amy is married with 4 girls whom she has homeschooled. They are all involved with theater, both backstage and onstage.  (Revised for 2024-25)

Mrs. Elizabeth (EJ) May

Elizabeth May graduated from the Art Institute of Houston with her Associates Degree in Culinary Arts in 2003. She then earned her Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Management from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2005. Upon earning her degrees, she and her husband began expanding their family. After the birth of their 4 daughters, many new culinary challenges were identified related to dietary restrictions. As a result, Elizabeth had to expand her food knowledge base to include and exclude many foods. With this knowledge, Elizabeth became the owner and operator of Mother, May I Meals, LLC. This is a specialty bakery that has a dedicated, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free facility that caters to clientele with special dietary concerns. This business has been an amazing opportunity for Elizabeth to incorporate her culinary and life experiences into a service that is a blessing for an underserved market.  This will be EJ's 6th year teaching at Learning Station.(Revised for 2024-25)

Mr. William McGee

Will McGee, a dedicated martial arts enthusiast since 1994, is the owner of Rise Training Center. Holding a prestigious 6th-degree black belt in karate from Okinawa, Will represented the United States in three world championships, where he won gold, silver, and bronze medals. An advocate for constant growth, both professionally and personally, Will has trained multiple times in Okinawa, honing his martial arts skills and developing a deep-rooted love for the discipline. That led him to Krav Maga in 2002, and he earned his instructor’s certification in the discipline. He also earned his Personal Training Certification from the American Council of Exercise. This, coupled with his diverse martial arts background, allows Will to create dynamic, effective training programs through Krav Maga, Kickboxing, and other fitness classes for all skill levels.Rise Training Center is a testament to Will's ongoing journey and commitment to empowering others through self-defense and/or fitness. With an unwavering belief in hard work and personal growth, Will motivates his students to continuously push their boundaries and turn challenges into opportunities. At Rise Training Center, Will believes every challenge and adversity someone faces is a chance to rise.  This will be Will's sixth year teaching at Learning Station. (Revised for 2024-25).

Mrs. Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller is a foodie who grew up watching cooking shows and browsing through cookbooks from a very young age. Nicole is ServSafe certified and enjoys being a team lead with The Clay House catering and coffee bar. In her spare time, she serves in the kitchen of Ephrata Community Church planning, cooking, and leading teams to make many large meals for different events. Nicole’s family first came to Learning Station 11 years ago. (Updated 2024-25.)

Mrs. Alice Nelson

Alice Nelson holds a Pennsylvania teaching certificate in secondary social studies.  She's been homeschooling her children for the past 20 years.  She's graduated three and is in the homestretch with her youngest.   She has taught several different classes at Learning Sation including IEW writing for junior and senior high students, Computer Skills for Academics, Study Skills, Speech, Civics, and JA Career Success. In each class, Alice incorporates practice to encourage and improve organization, notetaking, listening, speaking, and writing skills.  She strives to communicate expectations clearly through a class policy, rubrics, and the classroom dashboard.   This will be Alice's 15 year teaching at Learning Station.  (Revised for 2024-25) 


Mrs. Leigh Ann Rohrer

Leigh Ann Rohrer and her husband, Travis, have homeschooled their children for fifteen years.  Leigh Ann graduated from West Chester University, earning a BS in Kinesiology, and Penn State University with a Master’s of Education degree in Health.  She taught Physical Education in the School District of Lancaster up until having her first child.  Leigh Ann also enjoys sewing, hand embroidery as well as quilting.  This year will be Leigh Ann Rohrer’s 18th year teaching for Learning Station.(Revised for 2024-25_

Pastor Steve Sabol (ULA Teacher)

Steve Sabol currently serves as one of the pastors at Lifeway Church, Lebanon PA. He recently celebrated 46 years in pastoral ministry. Steve has lived in Lebanon for over 34 years. He is eager to use his gifts, education, and experience to impact lives for eternity. Sixteen years ago, Steve helped create a men’s movement called Knight of the 21st Century, and he has taught that material in churches, community centers, prisons, rescue missions, aftercare programs and schools. He and his bride Nancy recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. They have two grown children, five granddaughters, and six great grandchildren. Steve holds a Bachelor of Ministry degree from International Seminary.  This will be Pastor Sabol's first year teaching at Learning Station. (Revised for 2024-25)

Mrs. Amanda Sell

Amanda Sell has been homeschooling her sons for ten years.  She holds a bachelor's degree in counseling and communication.   This will be Amanda's 8th year as a Learning Station member.  (Updated for 2024-25)

Mr. Andy Sell

Andy Sell is the Worship Arts Director at St. Paul’s EC Church in Reamstown, Pennsylvania. He has been the worship leader and director of the Worship Arts Ministry for over ten years. He has grown this ministry from the ground up, beginning with just him and his guitar, to the present day which includes working with over 50 volunteers who lend their talents to the church in service for the Lord. He is also a songwriter, sound tech supervisor, and creative visionary.

Andy has been involved in worship ministry for over twenty-five years. He has been a part of large ministries serving over a thousand congregants to smaller congregations of 50 or less. The opportunity to lead others in worship and grow others in leadership in worship can be done no matter the size of the church.

During his twenty-five years of ministry, Andy had the unique opportunity to spend ten of those years traveling within our local area helping struggling churches. Most of those churches had no music ministry, yet desired a more contemporary style of worship beyond the traditional hymns. The time spent during those ten years gave Andy a new perspective on what it means to be a worship leader, but ultimately led him to understand what it entails to have a life filled with meaningful worship.

As the Worship Arts Director of St. Paul’s EC Church, Andy continues to strive for the importance of making worship a way of life. Worship is not merely what we do on a Sunday morning, but it encompasses all of who we are and what we do each and every day.

This will be the Sell family's 9th year as members of Learning Station. (Revised for 2024-25)

Mrs. Janette Stauffer

Janette Stauffer grew up in Schuylkill County as the youngest of four children. In her home she learned the value of integrity, and hard work shown by her father who was a preacher and an entrepreneur. She helped around the home with the family lawn and garden business while attending a private school, and always dreamed of being a teacher. Her love for sports was fueled by her three siblings who were very competitive and grew to love playing volleyball in an all women’s league starting at the age of sixteen-present. Over the past nineteen years, her team has won the championship at least four times, played in many playoffs, and held first place position last season. She’s also played in numerous quad and co-ed competitions. She married her high school sweetheart and is now in her 17th year of homeschooling. . She enjoys swimming, running, watching football, and building campfires. (Revised for 2024-25)

Mrs. Amanda Witmer

Amanda Witmer is a homeschool mom of two who joined Learning Station in 2023. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Mansfield University, an amateur love of 19th century American history, a garden that would look nicer if she had more time to tend it, and a bike that she intends on riding more than she does. Sure, pineapple belongs on pizza, but it does not logically follow that it tastes good.  This will be Amanda's 2nd year as a Learning Station member. (Updated for 2024-25)

Mr. Clifford Zeller

Clifford Zeller has a bachelor’s degree in History and a Masters in Bible with a proficiency in Greek from Bob Jones University. He has taught, or is currently teaching, Life Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Astronomy, Physical Science, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Physics, Biology, Algebra II, Geometry, US history, and World History. He taught at Lebanon Christian Academy from 2002-04 and has been teaching and tutoring homeschoolers since 2004. He spends much time hiking and exploring PA’s forests searching for historical relics and all things sciency.    This will be Cliff Zeller’s 14th year teaching for Learning Station. (Revised for 2024-25)

Ms. Amanda Zook

From a young age, Amanda loved drawing pictures and telling stories. After completing 15 years of art lessons, she started “Amanda Marie Illustrations” where she sells artwork, wood burnings, and two original children’s books. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, bouldering, and strumming on her guitar. Her biggest wish as an art teacher is that students would use their artistic gifts to glorify God, the greatest Artist and Creator.  This will be Amanda's third full year teaching at Learning Station. (Updated for 2024-25)

Mrs. Lisa Zook

Lisa Zook is the wife of Dean and mother to 5 girls. She worked at the Nav Jiwan International Tea Room for 7 years where she loved baking and cooking ethnic foods. Some of her other hobbies include sports, reading, playing games with her children, cooking and eating ethnic foods, and learning about herbs and natural remedies.

Lisa grew up playing softball in her front yard and basketball in the driveway with her 3 brothers. She was recruited for the town girls’ softball team by the coach who kept driving by watching them play. Some of her favorite memories are the years spent playing 1st base and shortstop with the Akron Jox. In high school, she began learning the skills of volleyball and the joy of controlling the ball. Throughout the years she has enjoyed the opportunity of playing on volleyball teams in various rec leagues. 

This will be Lisa Zook’s 17th year as a member of Learning Station. ((Revised for 2024-24)