Mrs. Amy Lefever To All Instructors

Amy Lefever started on stage in elementary school performing musical interpreted dance. In high school she spent every day for four years learning in detail how to stage-manage a show, create sets, lighting, sound, and make a production run smoothly. After high school Amy was onstage helping church groups and VBSs. Her drama experience also includes performing in dinner theater and performing skits. Her absolute joy is teaching students to fall in love with the whole process of theater: working together, trusting each other, being comfortable on stage, conveying their story to an audience, and of course being so loud that everyone in the theater can hear their story clearly. Amy has worked with six Learning Stations productions and has led storytelling, readers theater, and skit classes for elementary and middle school students. Amy is married with 4 girls whom she has homeschooled. They are all involved with theater, both backstage and onstage.  (Revised for 2024-25)

Current Classes
Jr. & Sr. High Theater Arts* (Co-op Track Only) – Production Manager (open)