Mr. Clifford Zeller To All Instructors

Clifford Zeller has a bachelor’s degree in History and a Masters in Bible with a proficiency in Greek from Bob Jones University. He has taught, or is currently teaching, Life Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Astronomy, Physical Science, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Physics, Biology, Algebra II, Geometry, US history, and World History. He taught at Lebanon Christian Academy from 2002-04 and has been teaching and tutoring homeschoolers since 2004. He spends much time hiking and exploring PA’s forests searching for historical relics and all things sciency.    This will be Cliff Zeller’s 14th year teaching for Learning Station. (Revised for 2024-25)

Current Classes
Biology – Instructor (open)
Chemistry – Instructor (open)
Environmental Science – Instructor (open)